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USS Lexington CV-2 1942 (1/350 Trumpeter)

March 14, 2023 · in Ships · 26 · 1.3K

USS Lexington CV-2 1942 (1/350 Trumpeter)

After more than 6 months, +1500 parts and 280 hours of work, I finished the USS Lexington, a restored and renovated model.

Added many improvements… Styrene plastruct sheet, rod, strip, generic flyhawk and trumpeter PE on railings, and safety nets from Alliance modelworks, CXAM radar from Alliance modelworks, vertical and inclined ladders from Flyhawk, additional watertight doors from Flyhawk, dream models lifebuoy, binocular set from veteran models, cable reels from ship yard models, brass tubing 0.3mm,0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm… flyhawk ladders and handrails, ... 1 additional set 10 trumpeter F4F Wildcat aircraft, 10 additional TBD Devastator aircraft from trumpeter set,..degausing set from Tamiya.. Moto-Tug Carrier Tractor completely scratch, mobile crane completely scratch... weathering from set B Tamiya, medal models aditional decals,.. 0.04 mm invisible nylon thread, Model master , Tamiya,and Humbrol Enamels Paints... satin lacquer from Tamiya.

Reference: Warship Pictorial No. 33

Thanks for watching.

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  1. An amazing build!

  2. That’s quite an accomplishment to build such a complex model with such excellence ! Very inspiring !

  3. Really nice work. I can appreciate the amount of time you put into it. You've inspired me to finish my Tamiya Enterprise.

  4. Well done, Sir!

  5. Another masterpiece, Anthony!
    Your work is absolutely superb!

  6. This is some amazing work. I have one of these kits on which work stopped when we moved and it's still in the box half-completed, waiting patiently. A huge amount of inspiration here.

    Your detail work is superb.

    I take it this is just after the March refit when she lost the 8-inch battery, but before Coral Sea, with the ID number on the stack? (there was a lot of painting going on on board, during that final voyage from Pearl down to SoPac)

  7. Sweet build sir! Hours and hours of sweat and toil. Looks like it was well worth the effort!

  8. An exceptional result, Anthony @kodai
    All the hours spent are well worth the result.
    I do like those aircraft flying by the Lexington, a great detail besides all the other details.

  9. Beautiful model- as someone who once primarily built ships but now due to space constraints only does planes, this makes me want to get creative and start working on a 1/350 build once again! Spectacular work and thanks for sharing!

  10. A lot of gorgeous details Anthony. We can all tell what kind of labor of love this was for you just by the sheer quality you've imparted on it. Such a lovely Lady Lex'!

  11. Excellent Lady Lex

  12. I’m amazed that the aircraft are still recognizable even in this scale, it’s easy to forget just how big these ships really are.

  13. Fantastic job. I love the lowered lift section.
    I have an old 1/350 Lexington. Makes me want to start it. 🙂

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