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May 18, 2023 · in Armor · · 8 · 376

Exactly a month after starting this 'side build', it's done. I think it says a LOT about the state of engineering in contemporary kits, ease and quality of construction which is IMHO incredible.

So this drops together like so many kits, of special note are the four figures which are beautifully posed and will definitely be added at a later date. The new generic .50 cal that Tamiya are adding to their Allied armour kits is very nice too, with proper 'chunky' ammo cans and nicely reproduced ammo belt.

Colours are home-brewed using Tamiya acrylics, a lot of luck and a little alchemy - my not be 100% 'spot-on' but I really like what I've got - mixed-up far more SCC15 than I needed because I'm hoping to buy/build a Churchill later this year, and that thing will need about twice the paint of the Achilles !. Decals are from the box as is about 50% of the stowage, the rest is scratch built and from the spares box.

Please feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or post any criticism. Very best from New Zealand, next (hopefully) I'll finish the F/A-18 project... after that... who knows.

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  1. Excellent result, Ian. I enjoyed watching it take shape.

  2. Excellent all over, Ian!

  3. Really great result, Ian @ij001
    The tarps do look very realistic.

  4. Excellent work on an already good Tamiya kit.

  5. Nice job, Ian. As far as the color goes, who can say what's "right". But your mix looks great.

  6. Looking good Ian. Not only deadly she was fast as well.

  7. Cheers all, really appreciate the comments as ever.

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