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IJN Destroyer Yukikaze 1945, Tamiya 1/350

March 30, 2024 · in Ships · · 11 · 204

Today I would like to upload the destroyer . This is my first trial. I used the kit as a base and Infini model detail up parts. IJN Yukikaze is famous as a ship that survived the fierce battles of the Pacific War, and this time I have chosen the image of spring 1945, just before departing for Okinawa, which could be called her last mission.

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11 responses

  1. Excellent work. Should also mention she starred in Godzilla Minus One.

  2. A wonderful result, Naoki @yamanaka
    Nice to have some crew members aboard to have a better imagination of the size of this ship.

  3. Does anyone make a 1/350 scale Godzilla?

  4. Excellent job, Naoki!

  5. Beautiful work on this model! Looks great !

  6. Fantastic job!

  7. Excellent work on this and a very realistic result.

  8. Very well done. Superb rigging and a neat job on the water.

  9. Looks great, Naomi, the crew really help with the scale.

  10. Thank you all for such encouraging comments! Sorry to delay in reply.
    I thought 1/350 scale ship would be much easier than 1/700 one. But the realty was different. The bigger the model the more details required to avoid toy like completion.

    I did not know Yukikaze fought with Godzilla in the movie(laugh). Wikipedia says Godzilla is 50 meters tall, so it would be less than half size of Yukikaze. The best way would be to buy a 15 cm size Godzilla toy and weathering it. But Godzilla in the movie seems rendered to much bigger in size...

    Actually, I put a 3D printed figure on board. if you look closely you will find a sailor is on the starboard side of the bridge. Figures were one of attraction for me to choose 1/350 model, but it seemed a bit overscale and expensive; therefore, I gave up put many of them.

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