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1:1 Star Wars DL-44 Heavy Blaster - 3D Print

When I was seven years old Han Solo was indeed the coolest cat in the entire galaxy. Therefore I just had to BE him after seeing Star Wars. And God-love my dad who spent the afternoon building me a “Han Solo” blaster. His good eye [...]

Ancient Red Dragon

I purchased the .STL file from Lord of the Print a while back and the printed and assembled model sat on top of my computer for quite a while. I wasn't looking forward to fixing all of the seams, there was a lot of sanding and filling to [...]

NieR:Automata A2 (3D resin print)

NieR: Automata A2 Scale 1:10 3D sculptor Luis Donaldo Meza My second visit in unknown territory. I still feel like total noob in painting figures. Paints do not work as I want to... But I am learning, it is slow process. I had to [...]

V-280 Valor “Advanced Vehicle Concept Demonstrator” Aircraft

This is a desk model of the Bell Flight V-280 Valor AVCD Aircraft. The V-280 is competing for the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft or FLRAA program. This kit is 3D printed on my Elegoo Saturn SLA printer and is approximately 1/48 Scale. [...]

Sairena the divine archer

A couple of years ago, I have challenged myself to start building or better said painting figures. Working with paintbrushes, acrylics, wet pallets and whatnot, makes me a better modeller overall I think. And it is such a different beast [...]

For the glory of Mankind, 2B from NieR:Automata

You know i am almost pure aircraft kits builder, so this might surprise you a bit. Yes, this is my first and only figure. I am fan of everything in manga or anime style, I like movies, series, mangas. For some time I was thinking of [...]