It's finally finished!

April 24, 2024 · in Aviation · · 18 · 467

It's finally finished!

Nothing in particular to add except that I followed the details of what I found online especially in reference to the nice article by Dave Hansen ( @davidhansen ) ( and The effect is completely different and certainly of lower quality... but for now I'm satisfied.

Furthermore I took some liberties, such as the ventral tank which is depicted as a recovery element still only with the primer... etc etc

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  1. Great looking Corsair David. Is that oils or an enamel wash you use for the white color for the panel lines?

    • Thanks @graemestreet !

      I use Tamiya panel line and watercolor crayons. Generally I experiment because I'm never satisfied with the results... however on the upper surfaces I only used watercolour. I also have the oil and I have yet to use it on the white. White is my terror. Always. Next time I'll try the Alclad white that I recently got along with the three color set for the WWII scheme. I'll try it on one of the other 5 (!) Corsairs that I'm "slowly" making...

      Time. What a tyrant!

  2. Fantastic Corsair, Davide!

  3. Excellent Corsair!

  4. Great F4U-2 David. I built my interpretation or this same aircraft (#10) VFN-101, using the Tamiya kit. It's nice to see someone else's take on it, especially since there isn't a lot of good detail photos of -2 Corsairs out there. Outstanding job!

    • A thousand thanks Clit @curtisshawk !
      in fact, my interpretation is rather "free". Probably, as some friends told me, these planes were much less "scraped" as they were subjected to constant maintenance... however next time I will try to do better. I have a lot to do!

      • Looks great to me! On mine I went overboard on the fuel leaks from around the main tank. So we're in the same boat, I'll do better next time too.😉 if your interested it on my page, take a look if you like.

        • Hi Clint @curtisshawk ! I saw your 1/32 F4U-2. Is fantastic! and all the documentation to which I also partly referred is very clear.

          You managed to render the antenna wire very well, unlike me who was unable to render it at its best. At 1/48 scale I still don't know how to make the eyebolts properly...

          In my opinion, the rendering of the fuel came out very well... and more: the color is probably much more vivid the way you did it than the way I made it, even the paneling in mine is probably exaggerated.

          Overall, yours actually looks a lot more like the real Corsair...!

          Congratulations and see you next time!

  5. Wow, this is an impressive result, Davide @dapo68
    Considering this is 1/48, you have done some excellent detailing.

  6. A lot of nice work went into that build! Looks great - well done!

    • Thank you Greg @gkittinger !
      your compliments encourage me... but as I was saying there are several free interpretations and errors that I have no longer been able to correct. Sure the kit is fantastic and you can get a masterpiece with the right "hands"

  7. Excellent build with amazing details for an 1/48 scale kit. For a moment I thought I was looking at an 1/32!
    My compliments on this beautiful piece of work, Davide!

    • Thank you very much @alfred ! I have to say that I like it even if there are some errors that I should have corrected... The Magic Factory kit is really fantastic and helps a lot that I bought three boxes of it. I have to do 5 more!

  8. G'day Davide (@dapo68),

    Your build looks great.

    I picked up one of these kits and hope to get to them later this year.

    A question I have about the F4U-2 is the instrument panel. As far I can tell, the kit part and decal are for a standard F4U birdcage where as the F4U-2 is said to have had the radar scope just below the gunsight and the other instruments rearranged. I haven't been able to find out what the instrument arrangement was.

    I'm not sure if you bothered with that.

    The panel line highlights on the dark blue are an interesting touch. I will have to look into that.


    • Thank you Michael @michaelt !
      I'm not sure I know the answer...
      I took a detail set of the "Quinta Studio" for the two F4U-2s that I intended to make... I took another one from Eduard because I bought a third box (...) ... I'll post the details later detailed photos of the panels and you will be able to evaluate...

      thank you again!

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