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Airfix Bolton Paul Defiant Mk.1 1/72

May 12, 2024 · in Aviation · · 22 · 254

I remember looking at the old BP Defiant kit back in the 80ies and not being sure whether i should spend all my precious (little) money on such an odd looking plane (They had the black scheme with the shark teeth on the cover back then). In the end i never bought one and it was not until last summer that i finally bought the new mould.

They advertise it as a skill level 1 kit and while it is a fantastic kit, it certainly is quite complex with all the glass imho! I think it should be higher, level 2 or even 3.

Anyway, painted it with AK interactive and Ammo Mig acrylics, some tinkering done with Ammo Mig acrylic washes and an Ochre acrylic filter at the end (which really brought the colors of the camouflage together nicely). Pane line wash done with dark brown enamel and then a Vallejo matte finish.

I love the look of RAF interwar / 1930ish planes and this one is no exception.

Hopefully Airfix will release some new schemes for the 72nd scale of this plane at some time in the future. Meanwhile, my Defiant sits next to my early Hurricane and they make for a nice looking couple!

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22 responses

  1. They both look great Felix. Pocket money kits hey Felix, bit of a soft spot for them 👍

    • Thanks a lot Guy @thom! Yeah, i have that soft spot too - these wee Airfix kits are so much fun! The Hurri, the Spit, the Typhoon, etc. Great stuff!

  2. A very nice Defiant, Felix @fxrob
    Especially considering this tiny scale.
    Also the Hurricane looks amazing as well.

  3. Beautiful Defiant, Felix!
    Hard to believe it is only 1/72.
    Well done!

  4. Very nice work on this RAF beauty !

  5. Felix, Very nice looking Defiant.
    The Defiant definitely deserves to be partway up the weird scale, but it also has a bit of a tough look to it with that 4 barrel gun turret starring at you. All in all, a very nice-looking model!

    • Dear Terry @shoobiz, thank you for your kind feedback. Yes, i absolutely agree with you on that turret. I wonder if that firepower would shake the entire plane when unleashed or what is was like in a combat.

  6. Nice work on this. The Defiant and the Hurricanes were the proof to me when they came out that Airfix was going to re-establish themself. I wish they'd do that ragwing Hurricane in 1/48.

    • Dear Tom @tcinla, thanks a lot! The Defiant in 72nd scale has a ton of detail for its size, really an impressive kit. Now as for 1/48th scale, if only Airfix released a DH Dragon Rapide! It would look lovely next to the Supermarine Walrus of theirs. And of course, a Swift.

  7. Very clean job on this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. A great-looking build! I built the old Airfix kit back in the 80's - I may need to upgrade my shelf soon with one of these new-mold kits, as I keep hearing good things about them and seeing very nice models being built out of them.

  9. Nicely done Felix, both of them.

  10. Nice work, Felix!

  11. Great job on this, nice weathering. I did the night fighter version awhile back, these, Airfix has done a great job with the new molds. Try their Malard/Wildcat kit.

    • Dear Robert @roofrat, thanks a lot! Just looked up your build, it looks lovely! These new Airfix kits are a lot of fun. You know, i did the Wildcat a while back and i would love to get my hands on a Martlet but i cannot find it anywhere.

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