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Alkett Vs.Kfz.617/ NK-101 Minenräumer (1/72)

This vehicle for cleaning minefields was designed by Alkett, Krupp, and Daimler-Benz and one prototype was built by the Alkett Werke.
But this scheme failed in the tests and was never built in larger numbers.
At the end of the war, it fell into the hands of the Soviets and was brought to Kubinka.

The kit from () and figures (, ) were used.
The "Minenräumer" was built more or less OOB, the poses of the figurines have been adjusted and received new heads.

I bought the kit second-hand, which was already partially built. A few mistakes had to be corrected that the previous owner had made, which led to the fact that a few smaller places do not correspond exactly to the originals.

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  1. This is such a unique and superbly done model and diorama. Show level material. Well done Simon.

  2. Great looking diorama of such an unusual vehicle. @s-nagorsnik

  3. Simon I hate to say it, but armor never gets the recognition deserved here on this site. Kinda sad but true. It’s a great site, but everyone here is mostly aircraft focused. May I suggest posting this over on Like this site, great quality modelers and a good community but a more balanced armor to aircraft platform. Albeit, still heavily favored for aircraft. It is what it is. This is superb work. Needs to be seen. Really well done work.

  4. As always your braille scale work is awesome sir

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