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Alkett Vs.Kfz.617/ NK-101 Minenräumer (1/72)

Alkett Vs.Kfz.617/ NK-101 Minenräumer This vehicle for cleaning minefields was designed by Alkett, Krupp, and Daimler-Benz and one prototype was built by the Alkett Werke. But this scheme failed in the tests and was never built in larger [...]

US International M1124 MaxxPro MRAP (1/72)

M1124 MaxxPro MRAP Vehicle This Galaxy Hobby kit (GH72A03) is quite nice i´d say. It offers a lot of beautiful things, but also has negative sides. There are many pinmarks to remove (fortunately, most of them are not visible or difficult [...]

U.S. M1114 HMMWV "Humvee" (1/72)

A quite nice kit from T-Model. (TM-7201) Good molded parts with nice and sharp details. This kit is able to be expanded with other enhancement sets from the same manufacturer. (Mod. US HMMWV Upgrade Kit, Mod. U.S. M153 CROWS II System) The [...]

Sd.Kfz.184 Ferdinand, Russia 1943 (1/72)

A "Ferdinand" in Russia- Eastern Front 1943. The idea is based on two original pictures which gave me the inspiration. I used the kit of Dragon (7515). The actual idea was to represent the "Elefant", but this kit has [...]

1/48th Me 163 and Scheuch-Schlepper

A gem Dragon model depicting the innovative rocket propelled fighter. The Scheuch-Schlepper is a CMK resin kit.

VW Typ 87 from CMK

Good morning everyone and greetings to the forum members. This time I wanted to show you a quick (and small) project that I used to practice some painting and wethering techniques. The kit, in 1/35 scale, is from CMK. It doesn't come with [...]

German WW I airfield diorama 1:48

Eduard Albatros D III 1:48, figures from CMK, photoetched tools on the table from Aber. All the rest are scratchbuilt (barrel from tamiya).

A mouse out in the russian cold

CMK 1/35 VW 82E kit...

Bergepanzer III Tamiya, CMK, 1/35

Hello! I built this diorama in 2015, gave me quite a lot of work, I used the Pz III. kit as the basis of Tamiya, I have grown a CMK conversion set. I assembled the disassembled tower from various components, I made the interior according [...]