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Blue Max Pfalz

May 19, 2024 · in Aviation · · 13 · 189

Blue Max Pfalz

A few years ago, I bought a model from a company I didn't know, , on a well-known auction site. I bought it blindly, not knowing anything about it. When the model arrived, it turned out that inside there were sprues, Eduard's metal, resin castings of unknown origin and Microscale decals, so a terrible mix. The main impulse was an unusual, fictional painting from the cult film entitled Blue Max, which quickly found itself on my hard drive. I watched it and was enchanted by the aerial combat sequences. If we turn a blind eye to the converted Tiger Moths, the film looks nice. But let's get back to the model that stayed in the warehouse for an exceptionally short time and ended up on my assembly table. At the beginning, I carefully looked through the instructions and spotted errors, which I consulted with the WnW instructions and made the necessary corrections that the manufacturer had forgotten about. The next step was to choose the right machine, because you need to know that two Pfalz were flown in the film, slightly different from each other. I watched countless fragments of the film to spot all the differences between the machines and I think I succeeded.

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  1. A wonderful result, Artur @artro219
    Especially the camouflage came out superb.
    It is definitely wise to always go through the instructions thoroughly.

  2. I love it when a plane comes together... Excellent Pflaz.

    The movie's plot was actually more complex than I realized the first time I saw it (Sunday afternoon classic movies as a kid.)

    FYI Encore was an old Squadron rebox line where they took older kits and added aftermarket to make it better.

  3. Great build! I love the flirtatious pose on the Ursula figure!

  4. Great Job!
    It's a great kit because you can make either the DIII or DIIIa (that at the time was cheaper than the WNW DIIIa kit) in addition to the Blue Max version.

  5. Nice work on this. An out-of-the-ordinary result.

    A note on the movie: those were Stampe SV.4's, not Tiger Moths (round wintips are the giveaway).

    I don't know if I'd want to be the pilot, leaning against a prop like that. They've been known to move when under pressure like that. 🙂

  6. Very nice result, Artur!

  7. Well done, like the lozenge job. And yum yum Ursula.

  8. Great looking model ! Makes a nice diorama… nice photography too.

  9. Your " terrible mix " came together quite well, excellent Pflaz Artur.

  10. You did an excellent job on you're Plafz, Artur

  11. Nice job, Artur! That will stand out in the display.

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