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Flt 19 Invasion Stripes GB-Hawker Tempest Mk.V Series 2,Eduard's 1/48th

As the Allies continue their push into retaking Europe pushing the Axis back to the German border. No.80 Squadron, transitioned to the new Hawker Mk.V's and until the end of September were tasked on anti V1 duty while maintaining the the Air Defense of Great Britain (ADGB). The 2nd Tactical Air Force (TAF), operated out of RAF Detling. The squadron then transitioned to the continent and operated out of a captured Luftwaffe base, B.80/Volkel, in The Netherlands. Going back to normal combat operations. Seek and destroy all enemy aircraft and ground targets. Royal Australian Pilot Officer Frank A Lang was the frequent user of EJ705 with his personal nose art of a Kangaroo holding the Australian Flag on the starboard side just below the front of the windscreen. On a combat air patrol mission in Jan 1945, flying this aircraft, he destroyed two gliders and working with his mates within the squadron shot down a BF-109. Other pilots with this aircraft manage to shoot down 2 more 109's and ond . On 11 March 1945, Ej705 suffered an inflight engine fire which was enough to write her off.

This 's kit is a joy, the details are beautiful and really no issues to build it. The was a weekend edition so no extras. I did add Eduard's zoom set. I used the kit decals which at first were a bit nerve whacking as they are the new type that Eduard's has been using, but once I got used to them, they performed like any Aeromaster, Superscale or any of the other vendors now in production. I used my dwindling supply of Aeromaster RAF Ocean Grey acrylic, Gunze RAF Dk Green and Aeromaster Sky for the rear band, Medium Sea Grey underneath. The glass on this kit are crystal clear. The riveting is not overdone. The landing gear are attached with positive contact point for a lifetime shelf dweller. The Tempest is quite an impressive air frame, we love the , Spitfires, Zero's as well the 190's and 109's. The Tempest does not get much fan fare but it is an excellent late war model that did very well when it arrived on scene. The Tempest killed 160 V-1s and at least 20 Me-262's. The Tempest was fast, tough and had a great low altitude performance. Not only flying air to air but also capable of dropping a pair of 1000lb bombs but also rockets. Highly recommended.


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  1. @uscusn
    Chuck great work, the Tempest II is one of Eduard best kits imo, along the lines of their Spitfires Mk. IX/VIII
    A very solid build as is your usual quality. A very good shelf mate for your excellent Mossie

    • Thanks Pedro, always good to hear from you. Every step on this kit was a flawless process, Still being careful around the delicate interior framework in removing it from the sprue. Patience and diligence is a factor.

  2. It’s a stunning model, Chuck. The build quality of your work is top-notch; looking at your processes in the group every component is meticulously crafted and assembled with precision. It may be a great kit, but you’ve certainly done it justice!

  3. A stunning model indeed, Chuck!

  4. Well done, Chuck. It's been great watching this throughout the build.

  5. This Tempest is tempting me to add one to my stash as well!
    What a magnificent build, well done.

    • Thanks Alfred, you will be happy you did. One of the few times upon opening the box and looking at the details abound on the fuselage itself is a great start. This is the weekend edition, I am sure profi pack would more so.

  6. A great-looking Tempest, Chuck! Well done.

  7. Tempests always look cool, Chuck (@uscusn). Shame you are using up your stockpile of Aeromaster, but I am surprised it has lasted this long. My last Aeromaster has been gone for a while. Well done.

    • Hi George, the paint that is leftover was bought in the 90's. Every so often would pick some up on Ebay, bought now that source has dried up as they are pretty much gone now. So what I have left is some RAF colors and some Luftwaffe as well. All the American colors are long gone.

  8. Excellent work on this Tempest, Chuck @uscusn
    Great historical information too.
    Airbase (Fliegerhorst) Volkel is near my house and they have a great museum where a lot of information can be found about the time it was used by the Axis and later on by the Allies.

  9. Hi John, small world that is close to your home. Living near a historical air base which is now a museum. thanks for sharing that.

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