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Viermot Jäger: Erich Hondt Fw 190 A-5 U/12 - 2.JG/11

June 4, 2024 · in Aviation · · 19 · 278

Here's my latest completion, A-5 weekend box with a bundle option of the special (and very short lived in operational use) U/12 2x20mm cannon underwing pod, of their Brassin range.

Unlike the plastic, the Brassin set is a bit of a disappointment because the resin cannons are not hollowed and one came bent. The small decal sheet within that offers Hondt markings is the old sort of decal, something that should please the large crowd that still preferes these to their post 2020 “peel the film” option. Personally I prefer them and indeed peeled all the main national insignia films with no fuss.

This machine has been issued by several kit and decal makers throughout the ages due to its unique combo of armament and decoration.
The sole full picture I know about shows a great deal but not all, and so some areas are a personal interpretation (call it an educated guess), namely the hypothetical application of JG/11 yellow reich defence band and an eventual segmented propellor cap.

Hope you enjoy it, I sure did…I came to the conclusion that Eduard 2nd generation Wurger kits are my stress free builds I go to in between other more demanding projects.

Now all I need is that Bloody Hundredth Fortress to go along 😂

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  1. Very nice. Love the markings

  2. That's a beautiful Würger, Pedro @holzhamer
    Indeed a wonderful scheme.
    From the details I would say this is a 1/48 kit.

  3. Great work all around. I hope to start my 190 as soon as I recover a bit more from recent spinal surgery. Hope I can do this well.

  4. A very fine build & finish, taking it to looking highly realistic.

  5. This is an AMAZING example of your finest work yet. You have to 190 and the 109 builds down to a surgical science. Unbelievable ! I’m definitely clicking on several of these various like buttons.

    This set of markings reminds me of the so called Schlangenschwarm plane. Speaking of which I have a set of decals that I can use to make that plane in 1/32 scale. Before I even thought about that however I will need to finish up our mutual Mustang and Dornier builds.

    Funny thing that you mentioned the Bloody 100th B-17. That one is on my radar too.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful model with us. Good to see you posting again. Take care my friend.

    • @lgardner

      Yeah feels good to be able to actually complete another kit 😂

      I also have a lifelike decal sheet offering the “snake” staffeln but I don’t think I’ll build that machine. It would be a great project if you ever come around to build one Louis- even more in 1/32!

      As for the 100th Fortress edition, no doubt it will be a smashing hit but one I will pass due to space (where to display a 1/48 Boeing, even in a 3 bedroom apartment? Serious issue with the wife 😅) and likely high price tag.


  6. That's a great build, a fine looking 190.

  7. Excellent FW Pedro. Another fine addition to your 190 collection.

  8. Excellent job and fantastic result as always, Pedro!
    Well done my friend!

  9. Great work, @holzhamer! I always love Hondt's personal insignia.

  10. Great job, Pedro

  11. That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Very cool 190 - I'd never seen that aircraft before. Nicely done.

  13. Nice to see you building Würgers again. This one's a real beauty, Pedro @holzhamer. Did that red stripe give you any issues or is that paint?

    • @ed801
      Thank you for the feedback Eric
      No issues with the stripe decals, they conform well to the surface. However a small airbrush touch up was needed were the 2 stripes align. The red that comes in the decals is a bit warmer than my RLM 25 from Gunze so I needed up mixing Tamiya’s gloss red with a bit of Hull red to get it right(ish)

  14. Nice FW, Pedro!

  15. Lovely build Pedro. Looks fantastic 👍

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