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I am very rooted in Sant Llorenç Savall, Catalunya. There I can admire the spectacular surroundings of Sant Llorenç del Munt (Natural Reserve), and somehow affect the near landscape (positively, I hope) and I regularly feed a webpage http://www.caudelguille.net. I also love playing drums and when it rains hard, I do model!

Jump! (DHC-2 Beaver diorama)

The De Havilland Canada-2 Beaver from Airfix was my first kit I ever built, late in the seventies. So when I heard it was reedited I knew I would revisit the 1/72 model that essentially it's the same but with improved decals. Of course [...]

Marchetti 88 (SIAI SF260M+ diorama)

The SIAI Marchetti SF260M+ is an italian trainer and light ground attack monoplane designed around 1964. I represented my own version from the belgian Red Devils Aerobatic Display Team that in 2019 celebrated the 50th anniversary (not 88!) [...]

Bombs away (B17E diorama)

“Flak so thick you could walk on it” . Only over nazi Germany american B-17 dropped over 640,000 tons of bombs during the war. Estimates of German civilians killed only by Allied strategic bombing have ranged from around 350,000 to [...]

Fly high, boy scout! (Marcel Bloch 210 diorama)

Robert Pasteau was the captain who flew this particular Marcel Bloch no.14, and along with pilot sargent Raymon Gimel, navigator sargent Robert Gonzalvez and gunner Claude Roques they all died the night of 25th of may 1940, while returning [...]

Hell(er) of Mine (Mercure M-765 diorama)

Very old and tiny kit of the minesweeper "Mercure" from the french brand Heller. I chose the ship to experiment a diorama using Andrea water and Pébéo Studio Acrylic gloss gel. I added El Arsenal photo-etched railings and [...]

Attila, the Scourge of God

I was told that Attila king of the Huns (406 - 453) was a very brutal man that used to attack enemies with storms of fire, so when I had to depict the Art Girona 54mm figure I decided to test those fire and ashes on a vignette. And someone [...]

Strafing (Hanriot 232/2 diorama)

Hello to everyone! I finally decided to strafe my french Hanriot H232/2 kit from AZUR (not an easy one, I warn you). From the 35 aircrafts produced only 20 survived the german attack over France, so I guessed some of them might be strafed [...]

Gentleman Soldier (Vickers Wellesley MK I diorama)

I am a nostalgic of the old brands of miniatures so I decided to recover an old kit as the Vickers Wellesley (Matchbox, 1/72) and work with some new Mig Jiménez techniques and at the same time, wanted to experiment with clouds of dust in [...]