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Gentleman Soldier (Vickers Wellesley MK I diorama)

I am a nostalgic of the old brands of miniatures so I decided to recover an old kit as the Vickers (, ) and work with some new Mig Jiménez techniques and at the same time, wanted to experiment with clouds of dust in a . I added a Bedford MWC vehicle and a 500cc motorcycle from (very nice kits!), a very accurate motorbike driver from and also a lady from .

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  1. Great work - love these Matchbox kits - such great unusual subjects!
    The dust storm is wonderful - like a giant hand reaching out.
    Super photos too.

  2. Nicely done, sir...don't think I've ever seen that type aircraft before. Welcome aboard! 🙂

  3. Thanks David! I have seen you are also a fan of old kits

  4. Wonderfully creative work, and the paint work on the Wellesley looks fantastic! I think I have this same kit (however, I won't be attempting the sand storm - that's beyond me!).

  5. Model of the month for me right there! Every aspect is imaginative and beautifully executed. Just marvellous in every way.

  6. Very creative - great take on that old kit.

  7. Fantastic build! Welcome to the site.

  8. Amazing. Love the in action shots. Brings it much more to life than just putting the bird on a shelf (not that there is anything wrong with that either).


  9. Thanks Michael, I am certainly a diorama believer

  10. Wonderful scene, Sir!

    Welcome to iModeler. This is a wonderful diorama. Your website is quite interesting, too.

  11. Very cool, love the sand cloud effect. And I'm with you on those old brands, Monogram is still my #1 favorite company. I enjoy the newer kits for ease and accuracy, but i have FUN building a Monogram kit! Again well done!

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