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I've been around the block a few times. A few people here might even remember me from years (or decades) back. Modeling off and on over the decades. Now that I am retired, I am going into it full bore. I primarily build 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft but I have a ship kit, a car kit, and a few others. I'm all about making my work area as easy to use as possible as it makes the hobby more enjoyable for me when I don't have to waste time setting up, finding stuff, or the like. So over the years, my work bench has gotten to be just about perfect for me.

Hobby Boss 1/48 FJ-4B Fury

This is my build of the Hobby Boss North American FJ-4B Fury in 1/48 scale. I started this kit earlier this year prior to knowing about the “Sabre and FJ Fury” group build here in IModeler. Therefore, I initially started a build thread [...]

RAAF Lockheed F-4 Lightning Photo Recon

I’ve completed my build of the photo reconnaissance version of the P-38E Lightning. The particular version I built was an F-4 Lightning (versus F-4A as often seen) used by The Royal Australian Air Force in 1943. This has been a fun [...]

Airfix 1/72 Lockheed HudsonRAF Coastal Command

After about three months, (give or take), my update on the old 1963 release of the Airfix Hudson kit is finished. It was a fun project, but as usual for me, it highlighted some areas of my building skills that still need improvement. I [...]

2023 Production RunA Record For Me

The title says it all, 2023 was the year I hit my stride as pertains producing models, nine total. I chalk this up to a combination of factors. A work bench I've tweaked continuously to make modeling easier, retirement giving me more time, [...]

Monogram 1/48 Lockheed F-80 Shooting StarShelf Of Doom Rescue

This kit was the first one I bought back in 2017 when I returned to the hobby. It was a bagged kit with no instructions and the decals were trashed. I think I paid $3.00 for it. It has gone through heck getting to this point. I will refer [...]

Multi Tape Dispenser For Tamiya Masking Tapes (And Others)

I've been looking for a dispenser to hold my various Tamiya masking tapes as well as a scribing tape and tape for curves (also Tamiya). The device needs to hold 1" core tape rolls. Unfortunately, all the ones I found were either [...]

AMT Havoc In Flight

This is the AMT A-20G Havoc in 1/48th scale that I completed a couple of months ago. I have a build thread in the Pacific Theater group with details of the build so I will limit the article here and photos to just enough to point you to [...]

Vintage BuildsMonogram Classic Lockheed Constellation

I don't have any vintage kits built, at least none that I want to take pictures of as they were built decades ago. But I am working on a classic Monogram kit from 1956. It's a Lockheed Super G Constellation in box scale. It was a gift from [...]