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One of my colleagues once said “I like models with a lot of detail per square centimeter” – I like this quote very much. I have started my adventure with plastic models many years ago, gradually changing the scale in aviation – starting with 1/48 (you know, big is beautiful 😉 ) then moving to 1/72 (who hasn’t?) and now I am enjoying 1/144. With ships I am staying with 1/350 and 1/400.

AW Siskin Mk.III 1/72 (Matchbox)

Hello again, I would like to present a few pics of one of my older models – a Siskin from Matchbox. A few details were scratchbuilt and the rigging was made from a black stockings (nylon thread). Kit was painted using GunzeSangyo Super Metalizer[...]

JB-2 Loon 1/144 (OWL Resin)

One of my older models represents JB-2 Loon, #902 belonging to the newly formed USAF, Alamogordo proving grounds (later Holloman AFB), New Mexico ca.1948. The launcher with RATO bottles, front propeller, finer surface details and engine pipe pl[...]

Avro Vulcan B2 1/144 (GWH+Shelf Oddity)

This is my rendition of the early Vulcan B2 XH556 depicted as in No.230 OCU Finningley, ca 1962. The Pit-Road/GWH kit and excellent Fundekals decal set inspired me to tackle the Vulcan subject. To portray the early B2 airframe the kit had to be [...]