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Saab ja 37 viggen

July 25, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 3.2K

SAAB ja 37 1/48 KIT
THIS model was donated ti me by My friend modeler Paolo Cattaneo as a souvenir of Him,he used the old ESCI KIT 1/48 scale.
A Neomega cockpit,the lines of the panels have been re- engraved and made other improvements.
I think they have done a good modeling job on a difficult kit.
I am very grateful for the gift. Thanks

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  1. A very nice model, Valter!
    A very difficult camo!

  2. Definitely a grade "A" build of a striking aircraft. A lot of time, effort and thought went into making this kit. The paint job is exceptional with fading and just doing all of the variations' in patterns is mind boggling. Getting the camouflaged to not only work but, then photographing it outside in sun light . . . which can show every flaw or make the kit look like its in its natural environment and give the impression that its the real aircraft is an added plus.

    A job well done, well done indeed Valter.

    Two thumbs up.

  3. Beautifully done, Valter
    This camo is the best I've seen on the Viggen.
    You applied it superbly, how did you do the paintwork?
    Great realistic pictures as well.

  4. Very nice! The outdoor pictures really sell it!

  5. Well done. I always enjoy seeing these built.

  6. Looks great, Valter (@zagorten27). This shows that the old ESCI kits can be made into terrific models with a little care and work. It is interesting the difference in the appearance of the camouflage with indoor and outdoor lighting.

  7. From build to finish, a great model. And the out-doors scene takes it to a super-high degree of realism.

  8. Great looking JA 37 Viggen, you managed to get the camouflage colours looking busy enough.

    Here is a nice documentary and interviews with a couple of Viggen pilots Get the subtitles going and they will tell you some interesting stories.

    This video is sub standard quality but quite interesting as one can appreciate the calm and business like attitudes while going about their mission downing the bogies Varying tones for the missile and gun locks, and aircraft attitude, help pilots do their jobs without keeping an eye on the instrument panel.

  9. Beautiful work on the “Mt. Everest” of aircraft camouflage. Great photography, too.

  10. I am in awe of anyone who can do that Swedish splinter camo.

    Valter - you are shooting indoors using tungsten lighting, which most cameras, be they digital or film, don't like. You should get "outdoor" bulbs which don't use tungsten. You can take that yellow out of the photo in Photoshop, check under "Image" then "exposure" and reduce the Gamma. (And yes, I learned this the hard way too)

  11. Lovely work mate!
    Compliments on the camo!

  12. Nice! I'm always amazed when some one tackles this paint scheme, looks great!

  13. Great job on your build, and the with a difficult scheme! Also great shots, the outside shots gives it a very realistic look.

  14. Very nice! Love the splinter-scheme Viggen - going to have to get one done soon...

  15. Beautiful build Valter, really nice one. Love the photos.

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