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Yakovlev Yak-9P Hungarian AF 1:48 “Kit Bureaucracy”

Hi All!

Another contract work for the emerging “Szolnok collection” 🙂 this time a post war Yakolev 9. These planes were handed over by russians after the occupation when they established the “friendly” Hungarian air force shortly after the war in 1948. These planes were badly worn out examples – lot of them lost in accidents beside they badly translated the “hobby manual” 😉 for them so the mechanichs constantly burned out the engines. The museum ordered this plane with the very early hungarian/soviet era markings which resembles the Yugoslavian and Korean markings very much. Soon a more recognizable marking system introduced mainly because the Yugoslavian turn out but this was the first version.

The kit is distributed in Hungary by a Hungarian AF afficiado modeller and in reality this is a full resin Russian kit made by the Moscow firm “Kit Bureaucracy” (or “Kit Buro”). A great preview here:

A good kit overall, but need to rework all internals to fit into the fuselage. Othervise the build went smooth. The kit provides a laser cut paint mask set for the Hungarian markings – I used decals instead and only paint the numbers on the fuselage sides. The “camo” is a boring grey (FS36440) for which I used Testors this time – as I always say when You use enamel then go for Model Master 🙂 I made several shades to make the surfaces a bit more interesting and to try replicate the original plane’s well used feeling. There were pre- post- and so on shading and made some paint chipping with the good old “wet salt” technique. On the pictures the diversities of the color barely visible but in real life the outcome is quite convincing. I’ve got only two remarks about the kit: the canopy (vac form) is a bit oversized and the wheel legs which made from resin are not strong enough for this all resin bird. Hope You like this rare subject 🙂

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20 responses to Yakovlev Yak-9P Hungarian AF 1:48 “Kit Bureaucracy”

  1. Very nice build….turned out extremely well. Good work!

  2. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Interesting modeling subject. Very keen work and weathering.
    Very clean and sharp work.

  3. Amazing work, great job with the cockpit, to name something.

  4. Thank You Gentleman!

  5. Hey there Gabor,
    I have built some resin aircraft before, and I know its not a walk in the park, they are quite difficult, with brittle parts and warped fuselages and wings, you built a stunning example here, I take my hat off to you. well done , a lovely build indeed.

    • Thank You! This was a bit overengineered and the thickness of the parts were uneven – You can imagine that. I had to use a hairdrier to make things straight but this built was suprisingly fast and well comparing my other resing kits.

  6. Well done. Great details in the cabin!

  7. Very interesting write-up on your build and also on the history of the aircraft, great looking model as well.

  8. Another nice one Gabor, you did get maximum from this resin, love it!

  9. Vauuu!!

    Like nice Jak P

  10. Thank You All! 🙂 Now I have to work on a monster WWI diorama. I hope that I can build something for myself (my shelf?) soon 😉

  11. As usual, simply beautiful work!

  12. Great work!! Love winter camos…

  13. A great build Gabor, a braver man than I to tackle and build an excellent Yak 9 P.
    Well done and well written to.

  14. Thank You for the kind comments! 🙂

  15. Nice build of an unusual aircraft. What is the opening behind the cockpit?

  16. Really nice work on what looks like a difficult kit. I sure do wish someone like Zvezda would come out with a Yak-9P.

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