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I got into modeling in 2018 after finishing graduate school and starting into a career.

At first I was just building Gundam, which transitioned into a few other Sci Fi kits. After building a few Gundam, I came across some YouTube channels which opened my eyes to how interesting other genres could be.

Fast forward until now, I am mainly interested in 1/48 WW2 aircraft. Though, There is not really anything I wouldn’t be willing to give a shot.

Junkers JU-87B-2 S1+GK Stuka 1/48 Airfix

Hey all. I just wrapped up this build on the JU-87 Stuka flown in Derna, Libya (North Africa) during the summer of 1941. This Airfix kit came together beautifully, with only a few minor hiccups. I would highly recommend it to anyone [...]

Long day at work

MG 1/100 Zaku I built a few years ago. Originally, I applied way too much weathering effects. Recently I decided to go back and adjust the weathering since learning new techniques. There is also an LED located in the head, but I do not [...]

Airfix P-40B Warhawk 1/48

Based this build on the P-40 currently on display at the USAF museum located in Ohio, United States. I had built this plane when I was a kid, so there was a bit of nostalgia when choosing to go with it as my first USAAF build since [...]

Bandai 1/48 AT-ST. “War, War never changes”

This is a Star Wars / Fallout cross over build I did. I love the post apocalypse aspect of the Fallout video game series as well as the mechs in Star Wars and thought this build would be interesting. Concept to completion photo gallery - [...]

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam

Custom Wing Gundam I built a few years ago. I decided to go with a black/gold color scheme to resemble the Anubis army from The Mummy movie. This was the first build where I utilized micro LEDs. Build photo gallery - [...]

Mustang in the Meadow

Small diorama I made my father for Christmas. I based the design off of a Plasmo video I saw awhile back. I used the Hasegawa P-51 Egg Plane kit. The tree was made from wire covered in plaster/mod podge as well as some mini leaves I found [...]

V-1 Buzz Bomb Prepared for Launch

Relatively new to the hobby. Have mainly just watched YouTube videos for the past few years and decided to give modeling a try. First non-sci fi build I have completed since I was a child. This diorama depicts a German V-1 Rocket Bomb set [...]