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1/72 Roden Pfalz D.III Silver Stag

July 13, 2015 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.9K

This isn't a recent build and I've never posted the photos, due to the incorrect lower wing. The kit part was poorly cast, (odd for ), so I just built it anyway with the extra wing, for the rigging practice.

My a fore mentioned method is in full display here, along with scratch made control horns, and re-positioned control surfaces. This is another skill I developed, using a home made .002" thick stainless steel saw. The teeth are made with a # 6 Nicholson jeweler's file. The burrs, etc. are removed with fine sand paper. They are mounted in the stiffeners from a single edged razor blade. At only .002" thick, they make a very thin slot, which is great for freeing up ailerons, rudders, or opening up cowling flaps..

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  1. It's easy to forget, with the Wingnut Wings juggernaut of recent times, that Roden was the go-to company for First World War aircraft. I've built several over the years, and the Pfalz is one of the most beautifully designed aircraft of the period, in my opinion. Even noting your provisos, this is a cleanly presented build, to a high standard.

  2. My hat's off to anyone who builds airplanes with two wings and rigging wires, regardless of the outcome. 🙁
    Nice-lookin' build, sir.

  3. I like it. Nice job on the 'wooden' prop blades.

  4. Nice work Phil - would love to see a pic of your home made saw! Always on the lookout for another useable tool, especially designed to help with 1/72 projects.

  5. Phil, agree the Pfalz is pretty! So is yours!

  6. Well, Phil, whatever's wrong with the lower wing, it's a very clean build, and another terrific example of your skill. Did they whitewash the tyres?

    • No. A good deal of the period tires were grey, that's just the color of the rubber that was used. The flash over exposed them some what. Glad you liked the build. The bottom wing is supposed to have 45 deg. tips.

  7. Very nice build!

  8. Great build. Again. When you mentioned the wing I was puzzled. I'm glad you mentioned the correct type in your answer to George. More details to learn!
    Thanks for posting, Phil.

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