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Pilot, wannabe guitar player, artist, and happy go lucky. I’ve been out of modeling for a long time. After attending a couple IPMS shows I got the itch. Now, I’m hooked again! Blackmagikresin.com

Beantown Banshee and one final Mission

When you’re a kid reading books about WWII fighter pilots they are but distant literary bits of history earmarked with grainy black and white photos. I’d seen the well known photo of Mike Rogers sitting on the wing of Beantown in [...]

Couple of T-Bolts

Taking a break from Mustangs. These two are a couple of my personal favorite paint schemes and both have a great history. Lt. Col. Frank Perego, 368th FG Commander‘s ‘Slick Chick’ and 56th Fighter Group Ace David Schilling’s [...]

Yep, another TF :)

Been working on this for almost a year, hard to believe. It’s a Tamiya 1/48th kit with my TF mod. Contrary has always been one of my favorite paint schemes and the Lifelike decals really bring it to life. It’s finished in Alclad and [...]

Columbus Blizzcon

I haven't really been watching the IPMS or local Club Schedules since Covid shut everything down. A text from Mr. Bebout about the Columbus show happening Feb. 19th was enough to load up the car and head south from Akron. It was an [...]

P-51B Betty Jane

This one is a long time coming and a long time building. I haven’t had much time for building as of late and I actually started this to knock some rust off…last November. A text message from Mr. Gardner lit the fire to finish it. I see [...]

Lucky Gallon FG-1 Tamiya 1/48th

Here is the latest for fans of the Cleveland Air Races. Cook’s Lucky Gallon in 1/48th. New lower carb scoop, abbreviated oil cooler inlets and I made a plug for the tail wheel doors. I had lots of help from the guys on the FB racing page [...]

TF-51 Mustangs in 1/72

Going small 🙂 This is the first time I've built a 1/72nd scale fighter(s). Tiny! The Little Witch was converted from the Tamiya kit, and Miss Velma is the AIrfix kit. I love them both, they both build up in to fine models. The AIrfix [...]

Anson Johnson P-51D Racing Conversion

Cleveland, 1946, the wild west of Air Racing continued in a big way after the end of WWII. Many of the guys that raced in the 30's returned, along with a new crop of enthusiasts. The days of the high horsepower homebuilts was basically [...]

Crazy Horse TF-51D Mustang Conversion

26 years ago I was a recent college grad...no debt, and things to do. A friend of mine bought a flight in Crazy Horse, at the time it was $1,600 for an hour. Three of us Mustang nuts piled in the car and headed to Latrobe, PA to watch Tony [...]


Resin casting has changed my entire outlook on modeling. So much fun and potential.