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TF-51 Mustangs in 1/72

Going small πŸ™‚ This is the first time I've built a 1/72nd scale fighter(s). Tiny! The Little Witch was converted from the kit, and Miss Velma is the kit. I love them both, they both build up in to fine models. The AIrfix is a a full 1mm smaller than the Tamiya kit in a couple places. That doesn't seem like a lot but it sure makes a difference when making custom parts. Fortunately the canopy openings are both right at 5mm. The conversion parts were made using wood and heavily primed and sanded for the master molds. I made the canopy master with Magic Sculpt and wood. The bubble for the master canopy was made to the "tall" canopy specs.. From there I made several resin casts and reprofiled some of them to the lower profile. I can make 3 at a time in the Vac machine which saves a lot of time and material. Thanks for having a look! Back to the Panther!


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  1. Nicely done Jim, and tiny in 1/72 is why I don't do them, these old eyes are too worn out for that scale. She looks really good, I like it. Now how in the world do you know I was going to ask about the Panther?

  2. Wow, Jim @jimh!
    You did your scratchbuilt magics again, only now in 1/72 ( be might be more dificult, than in 1/48?)
    Well done, they both look gorgeous!

  3. Two amazing 72nd scale builds Jim, think of all that paint you saved going the 1/72nd route!
    Always found the pseudo β€˜ Ferrari Stallion’ emblem to be a favourite.

  4. Two amazing builds, great work!

  5. Beautiful builds, Jim.
    I'm impressed by scratch building, but in 1/72 scale it is unbelievable.

  6. Like most people, I started with 1/72 scale aircraft kits, Airfix in my case, and I can't imagine going back to it now, so these two are incredible, definitely liked.

  7. Unlike most (it seems), I only build 1/72, so can really appreciate these two find builds! Terrific schemes and custom work. Well done.

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