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Probably ought to put something here

Grew up in New England and migrated west when I was about 36, finally settling in Montana twentyish years ago. Not looking to be elsewhere, I love it here. I'm pretty much retired but still have an active RN license as well as an A class CDL, both of which may see some additonal use in the future.

Modeling has been part of life in three iterations the most recent of which started back up again in 2010 when I broke a few foot bones and suddenly had alot of time on my hands. I enjoy shooting sports, hunting, backcountry ATV riding and hiking, all things that Montana gives one plenty of opportunity to do.

1/72 Academy B-29A

I got this kit as a practice run for Academy's B-50D with the idea if I was going to bungle something it would be something that was easy to replace. No one glaring problem presented itself thru the build; if I was to whine about something [...]

1/72 ESCI AC-47

While not overly successful, this was still an important aircraft as it was the first of its kind. Starting here, the concept also gave ground pounders the AC-119, the AC-123 and culminated in the AC-130 which as we all know has been [...]

Academy 1/144 B-52H

I'd say another teeny gem by Academy but it ain't so teeny. It's still a gem tho, with outstanding fit and surprising detail given its scale...they even give you canopy masks in the kit. Decals are tiny and numerous but they are easy to [...]

1/72 Tammy F4U-1D

Needed a bit of quick gratification, and it's Tamiya to the rescue. No surprises, great fit, adequate detail, what's not to like? Finished in Tamiya Gloss Blue, the first coat was so shiny I had to semi gloss coat it so I could see the [...]

Premium Hobbies 1/72 P-47D

Having seen these at Amazon for $15 I decided to try one. Did not know what to expect but what it turned out to be was an Academy rebox. Sure seems to be alot of that gong around these days. No mousetraps, above average detail, great [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 AV8B Harrier II Plus

Here is an example of a model that almost everything went in directions I did not intend. The model itself is not the best kit...fit's skeechy in some places and certian major things like landing gear wells are omitted but it's not [...]

Academy 1/48 A-10C

The most trouble free aircraft model I've ever put together, I can't sing praise enough. The only AM are the seabelts, and I tossed in a few bombs I had lying about spare. Painted in Tammy Sea Grey and Dark Sea Grey with a black Flory's [...]

Revell 1/48 F/A-18E round two

Did one of these awhile back and wanted to do another. All I could find was the version with the Top Gun decals which I refused to use so I got some Carcal AM...more on that in a bit. Cockpit on the last one was blah at best so some AM was [...]

Tammy 1/35 Jagdpanther late

Chose this since the late model JP's did not have Zimmerit so I did not have to search far and wide for an AM set. Typical Tammy engineering and fit was present throughout the model altho I did cheat and add an AM barrel as well as an RFM [...]

1/144 Academy Bone

The next installment in my 1/144th bomber fleet. Academy has upped their game quite a bit in recent years; this was a fine kit with excellent fit and detail. It assembled seamlessly. I tried to finish it in Mission Models Gunship Grey but [...]