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Probably ought to put something here

Grew up in New England and migrated west when I was about 36, finally settling in Montana twentyish years ago. Not looking to be elsewhere, I love it here. I'm pretty much retired but still have an active RN license as well as an A class CDL, both of which may see some additonal use in the future.

Modeling has been part of life in three iterations the most recent of which started back up again in 2010 when I broke a few foot bones and suddenly had alot of time on my hands. I enjoy shooting sports, hunting, backcountry ATV riding and hiking, all things that Montana gives one plenty of opportunity to do.

Trumpeter Sd.Kfz.8 Gepanzerte with Tamiya Flak 36/37 1/35

This was a project that occupied the first six months of 2020 and was part of a remeberance group build. I'm not all that fond of doing large dioramas like this since after awhile it begins to feel like a job rather than a hobby but this [...]

The tough cows

Another whimsical idea based on past experience with Fresian Holstien cattle...not while I was in a tank but on tractors and in farm trucks mostly. They are curious animals, they're also large and quite strong therefore difficult to move [...]

Who's tired of C-Rations?

This dates from late 2013, an idea that came to me out of the blue one day The Academy 1/35 M-18 used, it gave me a decent base and assembled well. It was upgraded with a Verlinden interior set and ModelKasten workable tracks. The interior [...]

1/35 Trumpeter T-62

And another on the old build parade This was done in 2016, spring I think. It required considerable modification such as adjusting the suspension to reflect fire weakened tortion bars, the bottomed out cannon, the unshipped turret, and of [...]

The mouse that roared

Dragon's 1/35 Tiger II, done in 2014. I recall this kit being quite un-Dragonish as the instructions were mistake free and clear. The fit was superb, and the Magic Track links were a perfect friction fit that made assembly quite [...]

1/25 AMT Autocar dump truck to log truck conversion

One of the better AMT offerings. The good: Most of it went together well and the molding is above average for AMT. The bad: The clear portion for the windshield does not fit very well, and at least on this one the cab required some clever [...]

1/35 Cyberhobby orange box M1A1

This dates from 2013. A miserable kit that very much did not want to go together I recall it being a struggle to the end. That being said it did have some nice features like anti-slip on the bow, the decal sheet, and the mine plow. I put a [...]

Tamiya Marder III 1/35

I suppose I ought to show the item I chose for the My Stuff picture. The Tammy Marder III, a delightful little kit that assembles very well as most by this manufacturer do. Built 100% OOB, the model was finished in Model Masters acrylic [...]

1/48 Revell F/A-18E

This model kit is a curious blend of really nice and rather awful. Fit in some areas was pretty bad, requiring a goodish amount of filler and sanding. The cockpit detail is very weak, hence closed canopy and the molding is somwhat soft. [...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-104 J

Another LHS find acquired cheap. The kit came with Japanese markings but I decided to use mid-sixties USAF decals on it...probably not accurate but I'll lose no sleep over it. An easy, very well fitting kit to assemble I did it OOB which [...]