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Probably ought to put something here

Grew up in New England and migrated west when I was about 36, finally settling in Montana twentyish years ago. Not looking to be elsewhere, I love it here. I'm pretty much retired but still have an active RN license as well as an A class CDL, both of which may see some additonal use in the future.

Modeling has been part of life in three iterations the most recent of which started back up again in 2010 when I broke a few foot bones and suddenly had alot of time on my hands. I enjoy shooting sports, hunting, backcountry ATV riding and hiking, all things that Montana gives one plenty of opportunity to do.

Takom Blitz Panzer III N 1/35

This one gave me trouble all the way from start to finish. The model itself was very nicely molded, sharp and crisp with well hidden ejector pin marks and small sprue gates. It was also rather ill fitting and required a fair bit of drill [...]

1/35 Tamiya Jagdpanzer L/70 new tool

I built this a couple years back only to put it on the shelf as I really did not know what to do with it. FF to this year and a determined effort to reduce the shelf, here's what I came up with for this one. The kit itself was flawless in [...]

1/35 Tristar Panzer I

This is from a long time ago, perhaps as much as eleven years as I was just getting back into the hobby. I recall it being fairly fussy in assembly with large sprue attachments but good molding and a mostly complete interior. I was still [...]

Rommel visits

This is the 1/35 Tamiya Panzer III L with the Masterbox DAK figure set. A sweet, enjoyable mostly OOB build with a little scratching due to the open turret hatches, it's loosely based on the famous photo of Rommel and a crew on their [...]

1/25 Ertl International Paystar 350 mine truck

Another case of the dangers encountered while wandering the LHS. I'd originally planned to super detail this model but reference pics were sparse and there was a considerable amount of straightening, filling, and sanding needed to get it [...]

Dump truck weathering reference

As of late I've not been active on the bench at all, been too busy driving the subject of this article. Modeling, however, is never far from my mind and I dearly love "Look and do" pictures. Therefore, my filthy truck I've been [...]

A collection of shelf queens and leftovers 1/35

When the shelf of shame gets too full and the leftovers box overflows things like this happen. This started out as a way to use up a bunch of stuff laying around that I did not want to toss, and I started working on it with no specific [...]

My one foray in braille scale

Simon N's excellent work has inspired me to share the results of my only try in small scale. It's Trumpeter's 1/72 scale JS III, very loosely based on photos of abandoned Soviet armor on Shitokan (sp?) Island off the east coast of [...]

Monogram 1/16 Kenworth Conventional Aerodyne W 900

For years I'd wanted to do one of these and in early 2017 I found one in the LHS so home with me it came. If I'd kown what was coming at me it may have stayed at the LHS. For something of this size detail was very sparse, and some [...]

CyberHobby M-46 Patton

I am working on and off on a series of Patton tanks from the M-46 to the M-60A3 and this is part of that idea. American armor is for the most part kind of boring, especially the earlier stuff since color choices are OD or OD or perhaps OD. [...]