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P-51B 356FS/354FG UK May 1944 – One week wonder

March 26, 2023 · in Aviation · · 13 · 485

After spending 6 weeks working on the Hobbycraft Mohawk IV obsessing over tiny details, I decided to do an easy build and do it in no more that one week. So here is my one-week wonder, the .

The rules where, I got 7 days and no more regardless of troubles or errors. This was a great kit for it. Just falls together with no drama at all. Basic construction was done in one evening. Not bad for a 28-year-old kit.

I'm pretty sure I bought this kit about the time it came out. I had a superscale decal set in the box that I don't remember buying! Good thing because the old kit decals fell apart in water. The superscale set performed ok. One of the insignia decals just would not lay down without very small wrinkles and some of the smaller stencil would not stick. To be fair that decal sheet could have been in its 20s too….

All paint is AK real colors.

My self-imposed time limit kept me from fiddling with nits that are very hard to see anyway and stopped my weathering work from extending for a week or more. It was a fun exercise.

I hope I didn't commit some P-51 blasphemy in this build or paint. I would hate to have redeem myself by taking a dip in the living waters at the old North American site in El Segundo!

On to the next!

I hope you like it.

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13 responses

  1. Super result, Christian, especially for the build time frame!

  2. That’s a nice looking Mustang ! Good job, @sdbuckerflight !

  3. This Mustang looks really great, Christian @sdbuckerflight
    Especially considering it is only build in seven days.

  4. Wow, seven days? That's a great result Christian @sdbuckerflight. 👍 Hell, it takes me that long just to start a kit! 😄

  5. Nice looking pony Christian, especially for a 7 day build.

  6. Nice speed build. Don’t see many “B” Stangs.

  7. Great job! 7 day time limit is creative and inspiring- will have to try that idea myself come summer. A really excellent result you produced

  8. Nice work, Christian.

  9. Richard Turner (the pilot of Short-Fuse Sallee who I met out at Chino once) would really like this model of his airplane.
    Nice work, and a good idea to do one this way every once in awhile. I like your result.

  10. Turned out great in only a week.

  11. Nicely done, Christian!.

  12. A great-looking Pony, and in a week...!?

  13. Great build Christian especially in a 7 day window. Fantastic

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