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Hello modellers!

I've been a modeller since I was basically born. I started off with the traditional Hornby sets and now have a better value with modelling aircraft and warfare subjects. My first kit was of course an Airfix Beaufighter and BF109G Dogfight Doubles, I look back and think to myself how rubbish it looked! But now I see myself as getting involved with proper modelling. I love trying out and exploring an array of subjects during mainly First World War and Second World War as these were the main perspective of warfare, long with future warfares can sometime be of interest. I do sometimes build the odd peace-time subjects like liners and at the minute, one car.

I also have a passion for artwork, mainly aviation, armoured and naval warfare, but also the odd different subjects. The modelling can also help out with my art with certain models. If anyone is interested in getting an original piece of art from me let me know by simply messaging me and letting me know of the order.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel ModArt633


Well what really else can I say? Apart from happy modelling guys and good luck with projects!

Regards - Michael 🙂

Airfix 1/72 Dornier Do17z (reveal)

The completed model of Airfix's newly moulded Dornier Do17 which was voted for the Keep Calm and Vote Wisely Have to admit I really enjoyed building this and am surprised at the level of detail involved with the kit. However the cockpit [...]

Special Hobby 1/32 Morane-Saulnier 406 C1

Did this kit ages ago but didn't post it. Full build is on my YouTube channel ModArt633. However, there is problems with sort run kits that Special Hobby produce. I faced problems with fitting the prop, cockpit and air-intake. And also [...]

Airfix 1/72 Dornier Do17z (Part 1)

As most of you guys voted for the new Dornier from Airfix - I made a start Although I will have to wait after painting for the decals I request to arrive and that can take ... a long time ... because no one knows when they'll be in stock - [...]

Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IXc + votes results

The finished Eduard Royal Class Spitfire is complete, as I 'am I love Eduard kits and have really enjoyed building this Also the votes are in - Airfix's 1/72 Dornier Do17z has won the voting from January. Want to thank everyone for voting [...]

Vote for the next kit!

(link) Don't wont to sound awkward guys but I need help deciding which kit to build next and I'd thought you guys might help me Vote for either A - Airfix's new 1/72 Dornier Do17z or B - Italeri's 1/48 Fiat Cr42 The Eduard Spitfire is now [...]

Eduard 1/48 I-16 Part 1

This is part one of my build of my last Eduard I-16 from my Spanish Limited Edition kit Part 2 will be soon once completed

Review: Airfix’s Brand-New 1/72 Dornier Do17Z

I've been looking at this kit for a while and managed to see it in a small model shop in town. Just thought I'd do an inbox review for everyone. Although small it has plenty of nice detail

Thanks Imodeler! Random Award Prize

I just want to say a big thank you for choosing me as Novembers Random Award Winner. Never knew I would win a competition. I 'am happy to say that this was my first modelling win and didn't know I could win anything - but maybe things you [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M2b “Zero”

HI guys this is currently on YouTube, the inbox review and the final review, I really enjoyed this kit and with very little mishaps and filler. BTW this is the old 1970's kit! (link) (link)

My stash

Hi guys, sorry been busy with A Level work - very tiring and boring I almost forgot about this until the other day about showing what I got from Telford and my current stash. From Telford there was the Eduard Spitfire, the Fiat G.50, the [...]