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Special Hobby 1/32 Morane-Saulnier 406 C1

Did this kit ages ago but didn't post it. Full build is on my YouTube channel ModArt633. However, there is problems with sort run kits that produce. I faced problems with fitting the prop, cockpit and air-intake. And also decal of the French flag caused problems on the rudder/fin.

Also this was my first at building French aircraft - I'm not a huge fan of French Aviation... Sorry

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  1. Michael,
    Very nice job on this. I have never been a fan of the looks of this particular airplane but with what you have done with this model I may have to reconsider. I like it.

  2. Sort of a French P-40. Transitional fighter, surpassed by its opposition (ME-109) at the time of the spring German attack. They were switching to the D520, but overcome by events and a number of other problems instituitionally.
    Good job on her, one you don't get to see all that often.
    Historically significant fighter, swept aside by the Blitzkreig, faded away like the old soldier it was.

  3. I read a comment years ago that due to the mix of systems on the aircraft, hydralic and pneumatic, a bullet hit could cause the gear and flaps to operate, or the armament fire, without any action on the pilots part.
    My thought was that it might make one lose enthusiasm.
    In May, 1940, you'd need all the edge you could muster.
    If true, you can only admire their courage, even more.

  4. Nice Morane, Michael. Special Hobby kits are not easy builds but you have something more unique on your shelf.

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