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Getting on a bit.
Started modelling as a kid, never really stopped, although I tailed off quiet a bit when my kids were little, and got back into it properly a few years ago, when my daughter bought me an old, re-boxed Revell 1/32 Mosquito. (The Mossie was always my favourite kit – I was talking to a guy the other night whose Dad used to build them !).
I started back on mainly 1/32 aircraft, and then gravitated towards WWI models. Just recently have had a couple of less-than-successful attempts at armour and figures.

I keep getting asked why I bother, and the honest answer is that I don’t know, I don’t really care, and if it really needs to be explained, then I don’t think that the questioner would understand the answer anyway. I like building models. That’s it.

(BTW – the avatar is my English Bull Terrier, Red, who died suddenly a few years ago when he was only 5 – still very much missed)

Eduard 1/72 HF Mk VIII Spitfire

Just finished the Eduard 1/72 HF Mk VIII Spitfire. It won't escape your notice that this one doesn't have any HF wingtips, but I just couldn't bring myself to do away with the elliptical wings, so strictly speaking I don't think this one is lega[...]

Arma Hobby 1/72 Mk IIc Hurricane

A gem of a kit. Not that many parts (around 70 or so, I think). Took me about three weeks to finish, done in MRP colours, with some oils and some weathering powders. I understand that they are about to release the same thing in 1/48, which is mu[...]

Kinetic 1/48 Pucará

Just finished the Kinetic 1/48 Pucará. Beautifully engineered kit - I made a couple of schoolboy errors along the way, like leaving out some of the internal cockpit parts, and only realised after the canopy was in place (there was NO way that wa[...]

Eduard 1/32 Bf ME109 E-4

All this lockdown time and I've barely done a tap. I started this one nearly a year ago, and finally got it finished after a long bout of modeller's block. Really nice kit (that I won as a prize at the Bolton show about 8 years ago !) Goes toget[...]

Eduard Me Bf 109G-6

W. Nr 165350, flown by Lt Anton Hafner, the C/O of 8./JG 51, Tilsit-Ost, August 1944. Nothing to say about the kit, other than it's close to perfection. No flash or sink marks worth commenting on, and there was not one instance of my having to [...]

Wingnut Wings Albatros B.II

No drama with building this kit - very little to do in order to make things fit, except where I'd probably made a previous error. Finished in Aviattic Austro-Hungarian CDL, with MRP paints, Gaspatch turnbuckles and Uschi wood effect decals. Weat[...]


I decided to take a break from attempting to create replica models of actual subjects, and ended up with with a Great War 'what if?'. I only intended to spend a few days on this little piece of nonsense, but as usual it dragged on and on. The me[...]

ICM Model T US Ambulance

A departure of sorts, as I tend to stick to aviation, although the WWI theme is also my main interest. I had a good time with this one - no problems at all with the kit itself (the painting instructions were a bit vague at times), but it went to[...]

Great Wall Hobby FW189 Eagle Owl

Another great kit. Flawless fit, beautifully detailed. I think I overdid the paintwork - I should have scaled down the colours, as I was planning to. I'll probably add a few more details with weathering powders, once the top coat of matt varnish[...]

Airfix 1/48 Walrus

I can't rate this kit highly enough. It was an absolute dream to build, and I managed to finish it in less than a month, in no small part due to the fact that I only once had to trim something to fit (I took about .5 of a millimetre from the top[...]