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Getting on a bit.
Started modelling as a kid, never really stopped, although I tailed off quiet a bit when my kids were little, and got back into it properly a few years ago, when my daughter bought me an old, re-boxed Revell 1/32 Mosquito. (The Mossie was always my favourite kit - I was talking to a guy the other night whose Dad used to build them !).
I started back on mainly 1/32 aircraft, and then gravitated towards WWI models. Just recently have had a couple of less-than-successful attempts at armour and figures.

I keep getting asked why I bother, and the honest answer is that I don't know, I don't really care, and if it really needs to be explained, then I don't think that the questioner would understand the answer anyway. I like building models. That's it.

(BTW - the avatar is my English Bull Terrier, Red, who died suddenly a few years ago when he was only 5 - still very much missed)

Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane MkI Tropical

Arma Hobby, 1/72. It doesn't contain any resin or etch, so it's a little disappointing, compared to the "Expert" variant, but still very enjoyable to build. Once again the fit of all the parts is just about perfect. I know that [...]

Arma Hobby 1/72 P51 B/C Mustang

This is the best kit I've ever put together, without a doubt. Beautifully engineered and produced, zero flash and no problems with any of the fit, apart from the front of the cockpit glazing being maybe half a millimetre too narrow to fit [...]

1/72 Sword Models Fairey Gannet AEW.3

I built this one for a friend of mine, whose Dad actually built them as an aircraft engineer. I didn't expect much from it, but it's actually a really good little kit from Sword. The fit of the major parts is close to flawless. Really nice [...]

Italeri 1:9 Vespa Motor-Scooter

I can't honestly remember the last time I built a model which didn't have a military theme, either armour or aviation. This is a very different subject for me, but it's one close to my heart, because it's a replica of the first mode of [...]

Special Hobby 1/72 Supermarine Sea Otter

Probably taken me 8 or 9 months to finally get this one over the finish line. Life just gets in the way, eh ? Really nice little kit, with a decent level of detail for the scale. Finished mainly in MRP paint, weathered with various oil [...]

Airfix 1/72 Bristol Beaufort.

Another gem of a kit from Airfix. Flawless fit from start to finish. Built from the box, apart from an Eduard harness I added to the pilot seat. Finished in MRP paints, with some oils for final weathering. A highly enjoyable build, it took [...]

Eduard 1/72 HF Mk VIII Spitfire

Just finished the Eduard 1/72 HF Mk VIII Spitfire. It won't escape your notice that this one doesn't have any HF wingtips, but I just couldn't bring myself to do away with the elliptical wings, so strictly speaking I don't think this one [...]

Arma Hobby 1/72 Mk IIc Hurricane

A gem of a kit. Not that many parts (around 70 or so, I think). Took me about three weeks to finish, done in MRP colours, with some oils and some weathering powders. I understand that they are about to release the same thing in 1/48, which [...]

Kinetic 1/48 Pucará

Just finished the Kinetic 1/48 Pucará. Beautifully engineered kit - I made a couple of schoolboy errors along the way, like leaving out some of the internal cockpit parts, and only realised after the canopy was in place (there was NO way [...]

Eduard 1/32 Bf ME109 E-4

All this lockdown time and I've barely done a tap. I started this one nearly a year ago, and finally got it finished after a long bout of modeller's block. Really nice kit (that I won as a prize at the Bolton show about 8 years ago !) Goes [...]