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I decided to take a break from attempting to create replica models of actual subjects, and ended up with with a Great War 'what if?'. I only intended to spend a few days on this little piece of nonsense, but as usual it dragged on and on. The mech-robot things are from a Fist of War game, and the figures are Gunthwaite (the German 'pilot' - superb quality) and Airfix (the stranded Tommy - absolutely awful - the plastic is like rubber, and primer and paint kept coming off, time after time, until I admitted defeat)

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  1. Robert that's quite an interesting what if her. I like it, believe it was worth all the trouble you experienced.

  2. That's - uh..."different" (but well done).

  3. now that you are in that world, you should start kitbashing and making your own mechs.

  4. I think Fist of War is 1/72? Looks great in any scale. I had trouble with the "rubber" figures before, and a friend told me to try using paints designed for painting the flexible radio control car bodies. I sprayed white as a primer, then painted normally after. Seems to work pretty well.

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