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KV-85 Heavy Breakthrough Tank (1/72)

A few words to the KV-85:
KV-85 was the last version of the KV tank series to be produced (mid 1943) and was intended as an interim solution until the IS-1 tank, which was still under trial, was put into service.
The latter IS-1 was intended to replace the KV series as heavy tanks as these no longer met the requirements of the time.
The D-5T cannon, which was also installed in the SU-85 (D-5S), was used to increase the combat value.
In order to create better space conditions in the turret, the already finished series turret of the IS-1 was used, which resulted in an increase in the diameter of the turret slewing ring.
The hull of the KV-1S was adapted to the larger turret, but this resulted in the elimination of the driver´s hatch and the radio operator.
Only 148 KV-85s were produced, most of which were used on the southern front lines of the Soviet Union.

The kit:
I used Trumpeter´s kit as base which then provided with more and better details.
The main component for this is the PE detail set from (PE72-029 for PST kit), Aber gun barrel (72L-39) and a tow cable set from Eureka ().
Other small details and conversions are scratch built (copper wire, plastic sheet and profiles etc.).
I also drilled up some holes, made new weld seams (Tamiya epoxy putty) and casting surface structure.

The kit built out of box is typical a Trumpeter- good fit, sharp molds, relatively few components and the simplified or missing details.

I built all components of the small diorama myself.
Mainly plastic sheet and profiles, left over PE parts and for the roofing I used natural material made of hemp yarn.
Only the static grass, the self-adhesive grain ears and the PE sunflowers from (PE7215) were purchased.

The figurines are by Peddinghaus (, 3D print) and (F72010, resin cast).
I slightly changed and revised the posture of all figurines so that they are a bit better adapted to the scene.
The animals are taken from Farm Animals Set ().

When all main elements were in place, I added some more details to the tank such as crew equipment and tarpaulins, small wooden planks, the famous Soviet recovery beam and an infantry machine gun (, , 3D print) to create a little more liveliness.

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  1. This is next level modeling. Wow. Stunning result

  2. Absolutely impressive, Simon @s-nagorsnik
    Being able to build this nicely in 1/72 definitely requires lots of skills.
    Two thumbs up.

  3. Really great kit bashing. A super result.

  4. Amazing job, especially for the scale, Simon!

  5. Probably the best model and presentation (on any scale) I have seen in my life. And I’ve seen a lot. Beyond well done and in braille scale, there are no words. I bow.

  6. Stunning work! It's even more incredible that it's 1/72.

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