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My Dad introduced me into model building in 1969 (8 years old). We moved to England in 1970 and was introduced to Airfix kits. I got an Airfix 1/72 B-17G for my birthday. I still remember the box art. I'm not sure if I ever finished that kit. I got all Airfix 1/24 kits that were available (Spit, Bf109E, Hurricane). I built JU87 later and I am half way through another. I do have Harrier, Typhoon, and Mosquito now.

We lived at RAF Upper Heyford where they were transitioning from F-100D to F-111E. I used to mow lawns and remember going to base toy store and leaving with a whole grocery bag full of models! Yes, I built one after the other. My dad hung them from ceiling. I would have boys walking past house wanting to look in my window.

Using air brush, gap filling glue, buying DVDs on building have helped with skills (still learning). I have 5-6 models listed in gallery in Fine Scale Modeler web site. There may have been more, I didn't have internet for 3 years.

I mainly build 1/48 and 1/32. But I will build the occasional 1/72 or 1/24.

My dad (Chief Master Sergeant, USAF) has worked on these planes in order: F-86D, F-102, F-100D, F-101B, F-111E, F-111A, YF-16, F-16 FSD. He retired and worked on F-117 Program in California. Of course I have built models of all of these.

I live across Ohio river from Louisville, KY. I go each year to model contest/swap meet. I can't go home without buying $60-$100 of old kits. I also am grateful to EBAY for their offerings. At one point I had 600 models. I think I have 75-100 now.

Best model memory, my Dad had access to the two YF-16s at Edwards AFB (1975). He took me to see these planes and I made Revell 1/72 and Monogam 1/48 YF-16s. I later made Hasegawa 1/32 FSD (Full Scale Development) F-16. I am half way done with a CCV (Controlled Configuration Vehicle) F-16 in 1/32.

Modelling is an art form. I am very grateful I have been a part of it. I still watch videos on building (Plasmo) on YouTube. He is amazing. I wish more kids were involved.

Airfix 1/24 P-51D Mustang

This is fourth of these that I have built (1 still in stash, lol). I made first kit when I was 11 or 12. I actually painted it white. I thought the instruction book looked white, lol. I gave up on Trumpeter 1/24. I wish I would have waited [...]

1/72 Anigrand Craftwork C-141 Starlifter

I lived in southern CA and would see C-141Bs flying all the time (Norton AFB). In my opinion, it is a classic airplane. Decided to tackle C-141 in 1/72 made of resin. I can't say this just fell together. I used two metal rods for strength [...]