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I’ve been building models , off & on, for about 50 years . In recent years it’s been more off then on . Mostly military aircraft from the 1930s -1960s, and 20th century warships. Primarily I gravitate toward older kits and for the most part abstain from after-market add ons, ‘cept for decals sometimes.

Revell USS Yorktown revisited.

I built the Revell Yorktown in the early 1970s . I used it to recreate the Battle of Midway in the horse trough. From some reason I thought it’d be cool to leave it in it’s watery grave overnight. As fate would have it, it froze that night and b[...]

Fletcher Class destroyer DD-446 USS Radford

I recently built Tamiya’s 1/350 USS Fletcher Class destroyer. I made it with the USS Radford’s number 446. I chose it because it was the ship that picked up my uncle and a few hundred other survivors of the USS Helena when it was sunk in 1943 by[...]

Tin Can Models

Recently I built a Tamiya kit of the Japanese destroyer Yukikaze from world war 2. Apparently the Yukikaze was one of the few ships of the Japanese Navy to survive serving through the entire war and went on to see service in the ROC Navy . Tami[...]

An old Monogram Panther

The Monogram Panther is one of my favorite kits, along with their TBD Devastator. This one had been in the queue to be built for quite some time. I used some old Aero Master decals called “Airwar over Korea”. The arrow decals for the right tip t[...]

Ye Olde Zero

In an all out super human effort, I’ve decided to build a couple of models that have been waiting for quite sometime in my stash of unbuilt kits. The first being this Hasegawa A6M2 to be followed by an Airfix P-40B, at least that’s my hope. Both[...]

Random Award

I was chosen as January Random Award receipient . I chose the beautiful 1/48 Airfix Defiant MkI from the long list of available kits. It’s a very unique aircraft and I’m excited to add it to my collection. Thank you, imodeler for the awesome gift.

Hello imodelers

I’m a new neighbor in the iModeler community. I wanted to show you some of my past work and also my large collection of kits waiting to be built. It’s been a few years since I’ve built anything and I am hoping to get motivated to get started aga[...]