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P40B. Flying Tigers. R.T Smith. Airfix 1/48

Hello again As we are still confined here in France, I have been particularly encouraged to work on my models.... Here is a P40B from Airfix, not the best model I built. Quite over-engineered to my mind, but It did the job... Enjoy and feel[...]

Me 109 F4. Von Boremski Pattern. 9/JG3. Eduard 1/48

Hello Mates I would like to share my last addition to my squadron. Although not vey original, I tried to make it sexy with this pattern,. As usual, Questions, criticism, and feedbacks are welcome Hppy moving day Emmanuel

Fw-190 F8 Stab/SG2 Tamiya 1/48

Hello my friends There is a long time from my last contribution. Maybe, this kit from Tamiya could be the root cause ? I had a lot of issues with this kit, surprisingly. I have always wanted this scheme for my F8 version, and it was very chal[...]

Spitfire mk XIX Airfix 1/48

Hello Everybody I must admit that I have not enough time for modelling. But, I found few weeks to realize this beauty. The Mk XIX is one of the purest Spitfire ever done, with the Mk XVI and his bubble canopy. The Airfix kit is just a pleasure,[...]

Fw 190 D9. 1/48. Tamiya.

Hello Friends I haven't posted for a long time due to lot of work, but I tried to work on differents project as this one. This is the Tamiya Kit, which I knew is not perfect... but anyway, just shaking the box and....taaadaaaam ! It's done. I d[...]

Spitfire Mk. IX “Early”. Eduard. 1/48 Random Award Gift

Hello Imodeler's addicts As promised, I just finished the kit I won in april as Random Award. My choice was for an Eduard's Spitfire as I heard so many positives feedbacks about these kits... Thank you IModeler for this opportunity to try this[...]

Focke Wulf 190 D13 Eduard 1/48. Maj. Franz Gotz

I just wanted to share with you my last built... The well know and in the same time so mysterious Fw.190d13 flown by Major Franz Gotz and captured at the end of the war. I always wanted to have it in my collection because this camouflage is so[...]

Bubble Spit. Spitfire Mk XVI. 1/48. Revell

Hello Again This time, it's for her Majesty, the Spitfire, and for me, in the most beautiful variant...A Mk XVI. This is the ICM kit reboxed by Revell. A very nice kit, simple to assembly and give a nice result without too much work. I just ord[...]

F4U1 Corsair. 1/48 Tamiya. Lt FOY R. GARRISON

Hello Team As I won the Imodeler’s random award in April and had no time to send a big Thank You to all & the Administrator, I decided to post a new Corsair, the big brother of the one who won the prize. This is another interpretation of th[...]

Birdcage Corsair. 1/72 Hasegawa

I always wanted a F4U1 as a birdcage but, few years ago, the only kit available was the old but still good Hasegawa. I had just to rescribe it. For now, I'm considering that I have been very strong and too far with the weathering.... Very Soon, [...]
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