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Fw 190 D9. 1/48. Tamiya.

Hello Friends

I haven’t posted for a long time due to lot of work, but I tried to work on differents project as this one.
This is the Tamiya Kit, which I knew is not perfect… but anyway, just shaking the box and…taaadaaaam ! It’s done.
I decided to pay tribute to Theo Nibel who encountered a partride in the morning of the 1st January 1945. No luck really…
Enjoy the pics ans as usual, I am waiting for your feedbacks


15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Fw 190 D9. 1/48. Tamiya.

  1. I suspect that you did a little more than just shake the box, Emmanuel, it looks pretty good to me!

  2. Superb finish! One of the best mottling jobs I’ve seen- very realistic!

  3. Tell me, Emmanuel….just how long DID you “shake that box” in order to end up with such an outstanding build? 🙂

  4. The airbrush work is subtle and convincing.

  5. Excellent box shaking, Emmanuel.
    I’m blown away especially by picture 4: this mottling, exhaust stain, chipping, streaking melange is amazing.

  6. Excellent job, I’d love to do a 190 or 109 but the camo schemes scare me, great job.

  7. An awesome looking butcher bird. Nice finish and weathering. Well done!!!

  8. Ditto what Halvar commented on – very nice touch on that weathering! Lovely bird!

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