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Bubble Spit. Spitfire Mk XVI. 1/48. Revell

Hello Again

This time, it’s for her Majesty, the Spitfire, and for me, in the most beautiful variant…A Mk XVI. This is the ICM kit reboxed by Revell. A very nice kit, simple to assembly and give a nice result without too much work. I just ordered 2 days ago the new Eduard’s Mk XVI… and can’t wait to do it.

Critisisms are welcome as usual.

Enjoy modelism


4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Bubble Spit. Spitfire Mk XVI. 1/48. Revell

  1. Another sharp-lookin’ build with equally sharp photographs, sir. Nice..! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “Critisisms are welcome as usual.” Not much to criticise, Emmanuel; another beautiful model, paint-job and photography.
    One thing I notice comparing it with the image of the real aircraft is that the yellow fuselage band partly obscures the serial/codes. Any reason you chose not to emulate that? It doesn’t detract from the model at all โ€“ I’m just curious.

    • Hello Mike
      Dawn, I’m unmasked lol
      It’s a mistake I did and saw few hours after decaling because I have no access to the pic at this time. It was too late to change it….
      It’s funny to see that Eduard in his new kit choose for a blue band and not a yellow one… Who’s right ??
      Thank you for your feedback and feel free to help me doing better

  3. Mike’s observation noted, this is a clean build of an interesting Mark. Someone on the forum once said that ‘You can never have too many Spitfires.’ Not sure about that, but this one exhibits all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect of this iconic aircraft.

  4. I believe it was me who said “You can never have too many Spitfires” being that I am somewhat of a Spitfire fanatic. Although I prefer the earlier marques, the late marques are beginning to grow on me, especially when I see one displayed the the one here. Somewhat clean with subtle weathering. Attractive scheme. Looks like one could jump inside it and fly it away. Definitely a contender for this month.

  5. Agree with all above – very attractive build and finish – well done!

  6. What’s to criticize….you nailed it,Emmanuel.

  7. A great Spitfire Emmanuel, the fine lines of a later Mk Spitfire looks Ok to me.

  8. Unusual choice of markings, RAFVR (sort of like the ANG) and racing markings! They (VR) were disbanded in 1957, though I think there might be some kind of “shadow squadron” type of thing currently?
    When there were national air races, the armed forces used to participate in this country, but as the aircraft got faster, and accidents happened, both went away.
    Love that bubble canopy! Not that the original had anything to fault, mind.

  9. Nice build, I really enjoyed the photographs, lovely Spit.

  10. Very well built, finished and photographed, full marks, Emmanuel.

  11. Eye catching paint/camo application, very nice build!

  12. Great job Emmanuel, I don’t think I’ve seen a Revell issue of this kit & it certainly looks good here. Nice pictures too. Thanks for posting.

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