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Ilyushin Il-102; A&A Models 1:72

During the World War 2, Ilyushins flying tank design, the Il-2 “Sturmovik”, became a legend over the battlefields of Eastern Europe, similar to what the A-10 is now to the US troops on ground. Feared by Germans and cheered by Soviet troops, it w[...]

Very Gerry Anderson! A real plane that seems to have stepped out of a “Thunderbirds” movie!

"Very Gerry Anderson": this comment could be read in a model building forum where this model building project was presented. After a short pause for reflection and some research I soon realized how accurate this comment is. The VJ 101 really see[...]

AA Models

Following from my good friend Joe Caputo's recent posting of an AA models 1/48 Chinese fighter, here are some (not very good) pictures of the AA kits I've found currently advertised on the Chinese website I think it's fair to say tha[...]