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Panzerhaubitze PzH 2000, Bundeswehr in Afghanistan (1/72)

PzH 2000 Depicted in German afghanistan- camo- scheme. The kit was pretty easy to build without any major problems and even the release of Revell's PzH (03121) has been some time ago, it still can convince with the quality of the [...]

Afghani Northern Alliance Tank Transporter Diorama

Here is a diorama showing the arrival of a Northern Alliance T-55 being welcomed by Afghani militia. The tank transporter is Takom’s MAZ-537, the T-55 is from Trumpeter. Figures on the vehicles are from Paracel Miniatures, the rest are [...]

Meng 1/35 Leopard C2 MEXAS + Dozer

The Leopard C2 MEXAS is an upgrade of an upgrade of an upgrade. No, really! Leopard tanks in Canada began with the C1, which was essentially the 1A3. The C1 was upgraded to C2; several C1s were fitted with the Modular Expandable Armor [...]

Virtual Vignette

I used some digital image editing apps to place my Love Resin piece from an earlier post (Cutting Edge Figure for a Cutting Edge Soldier) into the Afghanistan countryside. Starting with an image of the figure, I used Photo Shop to overlay [...]