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German Prisoner, Vampire wood 1917.

Jon Smith Modelbau 1/10 resin bust


6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Amazing work as always, David.
    I probably should try using oils instead of acrylics as blending with acrylics is a pain.
    which oil paints do you recommend?

  2. If you put half the skill of your modelling work into your profession - I got to change my dentist!

    This is one of (if not THE) most mesmerising figures I have seen. It pulls you in, wants you to know his back story, makes you feel a connection. He is several levels beyond modelling and more a work of art. My vocabulary doesn't have the range to express a suitable compliment for this work.


    'liked' - clearly

  3. I agree, it’s like looking at a colour snapshot of a real pow of the Great War. Of course colour photography was still to be developed back then, but this is the impression your model gives me. Fantastic painting

  4. goodness gracious man that's stunning

  5. Stunning...simply stunning. After looking at Jon Smith Modelbau, I now have new items for my wish list!


  6. That is not a model or bust, that is a work of art! Amazing!

  7. The bust is based on an archive B&W picture of a prisoner taken during the fighting at Passendale 1917

    ...there 's a few more yet!

  8. yep - what they all said above - fantastic, I can empathize with him easily!

  9. Every dentist I know who is a modeler is really good. I think it's that "attention to detail" that comes with the profession.

    This is just beautiful work - the face is so expressive.

  10. Ditto above ,great job!

  11. Hello David,
    Regards, Dirk - The Netherlands.

  12. This is unbelievably real and so lifelike.

    The very first picture you posted where the figure is staring into the camera gives you the chills. It looks so real ! Just imagine the horrors the real person actually witnessed that this bust was based upon.

    You captured the look exceptionally well. This is the very best figure I have ever seen done... ever.

  13. Hi David @mentaldental! Just came across this beautiful work of art of yours. Simply stunning.
    Everything else is said at the above comments.
    All the best!

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