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Miles Sparrowhawk 1:72or how a model kit born

Hi Everyone! This article is for mainly whose interested in the model kit making process and also the end of a long and interesting journey (at least for me). If anybody remembers this Miles M.5 Sparrowhawk was my first 3D designed model [...]

Lucky Gallon FG-1 Tamiya 1/48th

Here is the latest for fans of the Cleveland Air Races. Cook’s Lucky Gallon in 1/48th. New lower carb scoop, abbreviated oil cooler inlets and I made a plug for the tail wheel doors. I had lots of help from the guys on the FB racing page [...]

F2G "Super" Corsair

I read an interview with Cook Cleland about racing in Cleveland and he said something to the effect "I had to win it, I was mortgaged up to my eyeballs!", that always struck me as funny. He sure fielded some beautiful Corsairs. [...]

Williams Brothers 1/32 Gee Bee Z

This is my most recent model to cross the finish line. The Williams Brothers Gee Bee Z. The kit build was straight forward, and built OOB, with the exception of engine details being scratch built. The hard part was painting. The model was [...]