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Bison II

Ciao some pics about my Bison II by Alan; the kit was quit old and I was struggling a lot with the tracks ! In the end I realized a diorama in the desert. Crew come from different brand Tamiya and Dragon. Paolo

Sd.Kfz. 138/1 Grille M

Hi all. This is a nigthmare kit from Alan, ref. 015, an old kit from Italeri. 1/35 th scale. Bad plastic, with some sprues very soft and other so hard, that become in very fragile pieces that, very often, its broke when I tried to remove [...]

Left handed modelling.....BR 20 armored car.

October 29 was not a good day for yours truly. Mr. graceful managed to break his right shoulder pretty good. The right wing is going to be in a sling for a long time. Not normally a TV watcher I did a lot of that then decided that's enough [...]

1/35 SiG 33 15.0 cm Howitzer by Alan

The 150 howitzer seems to be the universal infantry support weapon, as nearly every army has them. The Wehrmacht entered WWII with significant numbers of towed SiG 33 guns, but soon found it difficult for them to keep pace with [...]