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Left handed modelling…BR 20 armored car.

October 29 was not a good day for yours truly. Mr. graceful managed to break his right shoulder pretty good. The right wing is going to be in a sling for a long time. Not normally a TV watcher I did a lot of that then decided that’s enough of that, let’s see if I can glue stuff together left handed. By holding my right arm close I could use my right hand without straining my arm too much. Using liquid glue lefty was a trick but I got used to it. Trimming with the X-Acto was a bit tougher but by George I did it. Having seen the Russian movie “Brest Fortress” on U-Tube which featured a cool little armored car, the BA20, I had one recently purchased for $10.00 right at hand. It’s the old Alan 1/35 model, not known for it’s detail or perfection. What’s to lose? Mostly it fit together well, with large enough parts for the one armed builder. It’s a one- color scheme , I even managed to spray it meself too. Slow and steady does it. A bit of Tamiya Earth on the wheels and some Floquil dust, and that’s that. Easier than typing this.

While filming it (yup tripped the shutter left handed) I realized my armored car collection was growing, so I took some family shots. Have 3 more in line too, including the new Takom Skoda “turtle” and a nice resin British Morris. Think I’ll wait for two arms for that one.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Left handed modelling…BR 20 armored car.

  1. Ooooh no, Mr. Bill!
    Sorry to hear it, hope you’re knitting well.
    Really a great collection of armored cars! Nice pair of Rolls.
    You’re gonna be ambidextrose, or sumthin’.
    Stay away from that TV, it’ll rot your brain.

  2. Having my right arm recently (about the same time) crippled by shingles, which is much quicker to heal, I applaud your courage/audacity.

  3. Turned out better than some I’ve seen built with BOTH hands. Bravo!

  4. Kudos for perseverance!

  5. The guy that said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks was obviously wrong. Looks nice Bill and get well soon.

  6. nice colection of armor cars.

  7. Get well soon! Turned out not bad at all though, very nice. Great wee collection as well. It’s never really occurred to me before, but it’s strange how the Brits used to paint targets on our vehicles!

  8. Great work Bill, better than I could do with both arms.

  9. Thanks boys, left hand salute to ye.

  10. Well Lefty, you’re still the master of mud & dust! Very nice weathering as usual. Quite the collection you have going there… very nice builds all.

  11. Bad luck Bill, hope its better soon! Its so frustrating when something like that happens.

  12. What did you go and do that for? But, it appears that you have a fine selection of vehicles-well done, lefty.

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