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1/72 Ki-46 II Dinah EofJ GB

December 30, 2021 · in Aviation · · 26 · 1.9K

This is the kit Kit No. A-301:300 from 1980 ( Arii & MicroAce), Mitsubishi Ki-46-II Type 100 Commandant Reconnaissance Aircraft -or- simply known as .
Built as part of the Empire of Japan GB, this was straight OOB build using kit decals (expect for leading edge bands and prop detail) using Tamiya and AK acrylics for the outer surfaces with a ‘satin' clear coat.
The kit identifies it as belonging to the 1st Chutai 81st Hiko-Sentai but an internet search indicate it belongs to the 18th Dokuritsu Chutai and/or the 82nd Sentai.
Either way, I fancied the jumping Tiger and the colours so this camo scheme was a 'GO', although I had to improvise the starboard patterns.
There's something about these old LS kits that make me want to build more - and I did find out that I do have an LS/ARII kit of Ki-46 III recon with extended canopy, so I am hoping that I can start that build sometime in the New Year.

link to build:

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  1. Your Dinah looks amazing, George @georgeswork
    The tri-color camouflage is really great.
    Only the last picture indicates that it is a 1/72, on the other pictures it shows much bigger.

  2. Nice job on this one! I've always thought that Dinah's had very sleek lines and your model shows it.

  3. Amazing result on the oldie but goodie LS kit, George!
    Your build thread was great, as well!
    Thank you so much for contributing yet another superb build to our ever growing and so successful EoJ GB!
    Looking forward to your other LS Dinah!

  4. Great work, and painting!

  5. Well done George, nice paint job on such a small scale too.

  6. Nice work on this.

    The kit actually dates to the early 1970s, along with most of the LS releases.

    • Thanks Tom (@tcinla), Happy New Year.
      The LS Co. did have an impressive line-up, especially considering when they were originally released and the engraved detail.
      Although, there are a few exceptions (D4Y3 & Ki-43) that do seem a bit 'toyish'.

  7. Very nice ! That’s a beautiful airplane.

  8. Nicely done George, it does look good and it's 1/72.

    • Thanks Allan (@kalamazoo), Happy New Year.
      My last 18 post have all been 1/72nd scale, I think my 1/48 kits might be a bit jealous.
      I've always been good with 1/72nd Jets but it looks like 1/72nd WWII is definitely growing on me.

  9. George, @georgeswork
    I have been watching closely as you built, (and especially how you painted), this neat looking plane. It turned out magnificent ! I have several of the larger Tamiya 1/48 scale "Dinah" kits in the stash, and now I am seriously considering building one up painted just like your plane. Thank you for participating in our ever popular Empire of Japan group. May you and your family have a safe and Happy New Year.

    I definitely pressed the "like" button.

    • Thanks Louis (@lgardner),Happy New Year.

      I do like the AK paints but Tamiya colours just seem to flow, cover and flatten out a bit better, which was more noticeable with all the lapping over of transition lines.

      The Ki-46 III has always been one of my favs, now that I found my ARII 1/72 kit I'll hopefully get to it soon.

      Hoping to see your Tamiya kit get started, that would be a treat to see your talents at work on an excellent looking kit of a great looking aircraft.

      Always a pleasure to add to the EofJ Group.

  10. Very nice work! That’s a gorgeous airplane.

  11. Very neat, especially in 1/72.

  12. Nice looking build - and I like the scheme you selected! I've built this old LS kit as well.

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