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This was my return to the hobby after 30 years away (girls, college, work, new family...).

The evolution of the kits and the tools and supplies surprised me... Here in Brazil we have few options of stores (physical or virtual), and most kits available are through the internet (via ebay or websites of stores abroad) or in whatsapp groups, where fans exchange experiences, make sales and organize events throughout the country.. As I have special admiration for the , I decided to start by assembling one kit that represented one remarkable period of its history.

We can say this about the because it was the first armored vehicle purchased brand new by Israel government. In 1956, with the acquisition of about 180 units, complemented in 1967 by the purchase of another 400, forming 3 battalions that had a large participation in the six-day war (between 5 and 10 June 1967). Even with excelent performance in the field, the losses of these battalions were significant, mainly due to the light armor and weak cannon used as main weapon, against russian vehicles, used by the arab coalition, with superior construction (better armor and powerful main gun).

After the end of the six-day war, Israel began a process of replacing this equipment, selling it to the Singapore Army between 1968-1969.

I used one kit , brazilian paint Tom Colors (automotive paint), filters, whash and pigments by Ammo. The terrain was made with clay and the acessories (wood boxes and trench bags) are made by Black Dog.

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  1. Nice build Sandre of a subject you don’t see often. Welcome back . I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    • thank you Jim, the return is easier because thousands of references and excellent materials specific to the hobby... Internet has made assembling life much easier for all of us, to seek references and buy materials that are not normally found in our country.

  2. Looks very realistic ... very nice workmanship.

    • Thank's Jay, i saw some of your birds... The P-47's are incredible. We have a P47 exposed to the outdoors in the city of Curitiba. Our air force flew with them in Italy in 44-45, subordinate to the 350th Fighter Group USAAF. The P47, along with the Super Sabre, the Phanton, JU52, A4, is one of my favorite birds. It follows along a picture of the front of the museum...

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Excellent work on this armor, Sandre @lima
    Welcome to this great community.
    You entered iModeler with a very nice build.

    • Thank's John... I see your profile and we have almost the same time away from the bench. And I see your production, your models are fantastic. I hope to get to the same level of your work.

      • Thanks, Sandre @lima
        Our profiles do indeed look similar. Looking to your submission, your quality is of a high standard already. I definitely can learn from you as well. Keep on posting those great builds.

  4. A wonderful model, Sandre!
    Amazing re-entry after 30 years away from the hobby.
    Welcome aboard!

    • Thanks Spiros... Your models are amazing.
      One of my first lp's was the sensational The final cut... blew my mind, along with Black in Black, and got me hooked on good old rock...

      • Thanks @lima!
        My first two LPs were "Wish you were here" and "Dark side of the moon", original copies, back in the end of the 70s...They were bought together with a superb Technics hi-fi component system, all a present from my Father, as I got excellent grades upon finishing primary school...
        How couldn't I get hooked?
        P.S. I can listen to "Wish you were here" ONLY in vinyl...

  5. Well, you've just demonstrated that it really is "like riding a bicycle." 30 years away, and this!

    Very nice result with something you don't often see.

    • Tank's Mr. Cleaver, with my with my admiration, for I had the opportunity to have in my hands his book "Tidal Wave: From Leyte Gulf to Tokyo Bay ". I hope you will continue to bring to the great public important facts like those told in your publications..
      And i see some of yours models, and they are excellent as your books.

  6. Well done dio!
    A good restart into the hobby!

  7. @lima, That is a really cool tank Sandre, and very well done too! ? Thanks for sharing this somewhat unusual vehicle with us here! ?

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