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1/35 Zvezda T14 Armata

I did this Zvezda’s model as a joy and rest from planes. And it was very satisfactory. Very easy and good model, except few problems and puttying parts of the cupola everything was aboslutely fantastic for build. I painted the model in a [...]

Zvezda Armata T-15 TMBT

In my opinion, this is a very good Zvezda kit. It is built from a box and does not contain an upgrade. His painting was inspired by the scheme seen in the Panda set. I hope you like it. Best regards: János.

Takom T-14 ArmataUrban Arctic Camouflage, “what-if” WW3

Hello fellow modelers. Heres a T-14 Armata from Takom in 1/35th scale, I finished later last year and I can tell you that it was a joy to build and paint! I decided to go with this urban winter camouflage to make something different that [...]

Review: Takom 1/35th T-14 ARMATA Review