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Trumpeter A-222 Bereg

Nice kit, nice weapon a very good build for those who are in love with Russian military technology.

Tamiya M107

ShKh 152 mm Dana

Nice kit, pleasure to build.

Example of a M7 105mm Howitzer self propelled…

Example of a M7 105mm Howitzer self-propelled gun known as the priest Any suggestions,comments questions are gladly accepted

Trumpeter 1/35 AS-90 WIP

Evening all, Here are a couple of quick snaps of my in progress Trumpeter AS-90. This one is a shopping cart full of firsts for me. First time using photo etch First time doing any scratch work (just some add ons and detail work...but hey, its[...]

Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer Heavy Artillery Tractor R100 – Build Review, Part 1

Following their splendid Scammell Tank Transporter (reviewed ), Thunder Model recently released two additional variants of this iconic British truck – the SV/2S recovery tractor and the R100 Heavy artillery tractor. With the upcoming release of[...]

M-109 S.P. Howitzer,1/48.

Another attempt at armor, this I've had around I don't know for how long. It's Aurora's last issue[1976] of the M109, where they added the long gun option, I added rudimentary recoil spades in the rear, the kit provided one massive unit that cov[...]