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1/72 BE-12 Chayka Ukraine Amphibious Aircraft

1/72 BE-12 Chayka or Seagull in Ukrainian markings. The aircraft made its operational debut in 1968 and served in the ASW and SAR role and is still flying today with a handful still operating. The NATO, cold war code name for this [...]

1/72 ModelSvit Beriev Be-12 "Chayka"

I received a request from a customer to build a "BE-12". At 1st I did not recall what this was but after some research I found out what is was. I was excited because I enjoy unique builds but then did some research on the exact [...]

Soviet Seagull: The Beriev Be-12 Chaika in 1/72nd scale

The Beriev Be-12 Chaika (Seagull) is an amphibious aircraft designed for antisubmarine warfare, maritime recon and rescue, and are now being used for fire fighting. It is a successor to the Be-6 "Madge" and first entered service [...]