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1:48 Marine H-34D Seahorse

December 2, 2015 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.1K

Out of the box build, having fun weathering as I like to treat it as a 3D illustration.
I've been experimenting with different techniques, pastels, graphite pencils and a paper stump.

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  1. A "dirty bird"...a dirty whirly-bird. Looks better than mine - (it's too clean compared to your 'workhorse'). Those things usually WERE dirty, though.

  2. Nicely done Mike.
    As Craig put it, a dirty whirly-bird.

  3. Only two pics - what a tease! It's looking really good from what I can see. You had me "stumped" for a minute - had to look up what a paper stump was! I hadn't thought of using that as a weathering tool - nice tip!

    • So just what IS a "paper stump"...?

    • Thanks Greg for all your thoughtful comments! Yep, paper stump you can really grind that chalk into the paint. I also found that a Prisma color pencil (silver) works great for worn off paint such as door openings and steps.
      While on another note I am duly impressed with your collection with the attention to detail AND no airbrush. WOW!

  4. Only two pictures, but they are top quality, just like the model. I love the droop on the blades.

    • Thank you George! The reality is the other side isn't finished. I built it years ago and really haven't found the time to finish due to my busy job schedule as a commercial illustrator. Just wanted to share. The drop on the blades took a long time to achieve as it was a slow process of bending with a hair dryer.

  5. I assume that Revell?**
    But otherwise nice build

  6. Looks awesome Mike. A hairdryer? I'd never of thought of that! Although that does make a lot of sense.

  7. Mike, she really looks the part. SEA is a killer on finishes, real quick, provided the aircraft survives long enough to get weathered.
    Where did the M60 for the door gunner come from?
    There was a story on a similar aircraft early on, in National Geographic. The door gunner had a .45 "grease gun" from WW II. Probably 1965-ish.

    • Bernie! Wow you caught the gun and yes I was inspired to model this by that very compelling and heart wrenching story. I take it by your knowledge that you are a vet "Devil Dog" whom spent some air time in this angel of mercy. This model isn't completely accurate if you are a purist as the color is off and the Marines H-34 didn't have the brightly colored tail rotor. Truth be told I build for myself and often times add things that I like, sort of eye candy if you will...

  8. Mike, thanks for the compliment, I was a Dogface, and I came in later, May '68-'69. I was Signal Corps, on a base camp in the Mekong Delta, and rode Hueys back and forth to Saigon that was, every now and again. The officers didn't want us traveling on the roads, what with our security clearances.

    I used to read all the articles I could on Viet Nam, and then there I was!

    By the time I got in country, the VNAF had H-34s, and the Marines were on Frogs.CH-46s. All I saw were Hueys, Chinooks, and Loaches, though a Vigilante did a low level over our HQ area, and dropped photoflashes, I thought that was funny! That and the psyops O-1 jockey who played christmas carols, and dropped surrender leaflets on us! That WAS funny!

    • Bernie, firstly and sincerely THANK YOU for your service! That war was a living hell... Grew up with Vietnam story and pretty much figured I was going there. I hit the draft in 71 and I believe it was the first year of the lottery as I received a high number while previously many of my older friends just got the letter. The following year Nixon pulled us out and that was that. In my early days my dream was to become a Warrant Officer and fly those Huey slicks but the closer I got to draft age that seemed like a dumb idea. My passion is helicopters and I did get a chance to fly the Hughes 300C (also the Army's trainer helicopter) once as a flight school orientation flight. Never pursued it after that, too expensive. Be well and season's greetings to you and your family!

      PS...Check out the blog feature on this site with more of my Army helios

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