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Monogram B-36 Peacemaker

Thirty four years in the making of this kit.
I started it in 1985.
Put it away in 1986 when i started a new position at work.
Forgot about it until moving back from Florida in 1998.
I decided it was time to finish the kit.
Started working on it again.
Found I was missing a few of the smaller parts.
Back into the stash it went.
Fast forward 20 years.
I was selling off a few of the extra B-36’s I had.
As Paul was preparing the kits for resale, he started finding all my missing parts.
I placed them in baggies and put them in the other kit boxes.
At the next model show in Crystal Lake IL., he returned the extra parts, with the understanding that I would finish the model.
So here it is as I finish with the small details. It should be ready for the regional show in Madison Wisconsin this Saturday

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to Monogram B-36 Peacemaker

  1. Great model, but how few photos!

  2. Blaine, Very nice work (and may add “patients” !), I really like the paint scheme. I too would like to see more pictures !

  3. Definitely worth the wait…..what a great looking build it turned out to be. Nice! 🙂

  4. STARTED IN 1985! I thought I was slow…

    ‘Liked’ – a lot

  5. Amazing!!! Fantastic NMF, please tell us more!!!

  6. Oh yeah! One of my favorite air planes. Good job with this old Monogram kit!

  7. beautiful work…I need to develop some patience — IMMEDIATELY ;o)

  8. OMG “Frank”., it’s beautiful. How big is that monster? And what scale is that, I’m guessing 1/72?

  9. Dude! You finished the beast! I built one years ago, it succumbed to my joining the Navy. Sad, as I always wanted to build another. Great job buddy! Love love love those Monogram kits!

  10. Well done. That’s one of the nicest builds of that kit I’ve seen. Good luck at the Regional. Hope you bring it to the Regional in Dayton this April, would like to see it “live and in color.” As we used to say lol

  11. Nice work! I built one of those as soon as it was available back in 1985.

  12. 1985?? I guess I was still building Matchbox kits. That’s some record for the oldest Hangar Queen around here 🙂
    It’s a huge, unique and amazing model, congratulations for ending it and posting it here

  13. Looks great! I just don’t have the space for one of these, even in a smaller scale.

  14. What an excellent build and story…………… I remember getting one of these when they first came out as a Christmas gift. At the time they were advertised as “The World’s Largest” model airplane.

    Well done and “liked”.

  15. I’ve read builders of that kit may as well forget tube putty and just buy an auto shops’ worth of Bondo lol. Super job!

  16. Very nicely done! Great job on a giant kit.

  17. Nicely done model and an interesting story to go with it. As another posted mentioned, you finished it and it looks great. Yes more photo’s and a story how you did at the regional.

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