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1/72 ModelSvit Beriev Be-12 "Chayka"

August 6, 2022 · in Aviation · · 17 · 1.3K

I received a request from a customer to build a "". At 1st I did not recall what this was but after some research I found out what is was. I was excited because I enjoy unique builds but then did some research on the exact model and found some mixed reviews. Yes although is improving it is still a small, limited run model manufacturer and as a result it has many challenges common to the limited run industry. Reading the past build reviews helped greatly and I was able to prepare for the challenge resulting in a fairly smooth build. Photo references are essential especially for the build up of the complex landing gear. The "Clear" plastic assemblies offered the most challenge especially the nose sections. I did not use the photo etch detail included for the nose section because it was so fragile and thin that it broke apart while bending and Dry fitting. The perfect placement of these items were just overwhelming. You really cannot see this detail once assembled anyhow. The fuselage sides consisted of 4 pieces which were 2 main fuselages pieces, a clear nose piece and a tail boom piece. I debated on how to approach this assembly. The instructions have you assemble each section separately and then attach these to each other. I choose to ignore this after a tremendous amount of dry fitting which resulted in gaps and mismatches. I assembled the 2 main fuselage side sections to each other prior to bringing the completed Halfs together. I then attached the separate nose and tail section assemblies to the assembled fuselage. You must use a lot of care to avoid steps in the fuselage. The wing sections are complex and offer some challenge. My wing assembly is not perfect. This is where the most filler is used. The engine nacelle to wing assembly is not easy and overall fit is poor. Lots of filler with those joints. This model took me much longer to complete then most builds due to the extensive dry fitting and experimentation with assembly steps. The painting was the easiest step b/c overall just one base color, light ghost grey. I painted the white hull stripe as opposed to using the included decals.

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  1. Great work on this! Sounds like you really had to persevere given some of the difficulties with the kit itself. Bravo! Unique and super cool all rolled into one awesome result. Excellent article, thanks for sharing

  2. Very nice results of a challenging build Paul. thanks for the detail’description and photos
    I always admired the Soviet era Flying boats.

  3. Indeed a very unique aircraft, Paul @jjetmec
    Your modelling skills turned this challenging kit into a wonderful build.
    Even at 1/72 it still looks like to be a big aircraft.
    Well done.

  4. A triumph of talent, skill and determination over plastic! Looks very nice Paul.

  5. Amazing result over a challenging kit, Paul! Looks absolutely stunning!

  6. Yep, stunning model Paul, and first time I see this model built. Thumbs up!

  7. " it is still a small, limited run model manufacturer and as a result it has many challenges common to the limited run industry. "

    If you take things in their proper context along with the complexity of the subject, get rid of the broad brush of the Tamiya standard, the kit is interesting and the final result is a testimony to your gifts and talents Paul. Its a real winner in my book.

    Two thumbs up.

  8. You’ve made a great job of this, Paul, I’m sure your customer was happy. But what a weird looking machine, hard to believe someone was actually responsible for designing it.

  9. A very nice looking and unique seaplane, great job on a difficult kit.

  10. Crazy looking plane, excellent work on colours and weathering and details.
    Regards Djordje

  11. Absolutely stunning; you have convinced me to get one too!

  12. Looks fantastic! I love the gull-wing seaplanes - built the old Revell Madge several years ago. I'd love to build one of these, but they take up a lot of cabinet space! Love the scheme on this one.

  13. Nicely done Paul.

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