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LTD 1/48 CAC Boomerang

The origins of the Boomerang can be traced in late 1941, when Lawrence Wackett, manager and chief designer of Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) examined the possibility of designing and building a new fighter aircraft, a first for [...]

COVID No. 13. AlleyCat CAC Boomerang

My final covid build for 2020?. This a resin kit. Overall I was pleased when it was completed. The Boomerang was a panic development fighter from the Wirraway by the Aussies at the beginning of the war. It did not have much air to air [...]

Airfix 1:72 Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang (Series 1)

This was a quick build that I wanted to use to fill the time while waiting for some masks and paint for a Japanese plane I wanted to build for Works in Progress. Of course, I always seem to pick things that have some challenges. This is [...]

1/48 Special Hobby CAC Boomerang

Finished nice and early today. My Special Hobby RAAF CAC Boomerang. Typical limited run... sanding, filling, sanding, angle grinder, sanding. Probably wont do another Boomerang in this lifetime, ( It wont come back ) but I'm glad I have [...]

1/48 Special Hobby CA-12 Boomerang

RAAF No.4 Squadron, New Guinea, 1943. This kit in my opinion has the best OOB cockpit of any Special Hobby I ever built. I still did a little more detail in the way of wiring and a throttle quadrant I fabricated. I also added more detail [...]

1/48 CAC CA-13 Boomerang

When Australia became involved in the Pacific War in December 1941, the Royal Australian Air Force was ill-prepared, to say the very least. With Australia’s main combat forces deployed to North Africa and England, it was clear that there [...]