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1/35 German Atlantikwall R-667 bunker camouflage pattern

Laid down some camouflage with a Tamiya Black paint marker (way easier than with a brush) Difficult to exactly copy the pattern, But i am very happy with the result (it looks like it )

1/35 Atlantikwall bunker type 667

Bunker type 667 for a 50mm KWK L/42 gun This i my first ever attempt making a bunker made out of Formstein, It is alot more work than making a formwork bunker ( my other bunkers) There is still room for improvement. Formstein, Hollow [...]

1/35 Westwall bunker (4)

Doppel MG schartenstand / Twin MG bunker, The entrances of these bunkers i have build are pretty much the same . This is the last one (or is it ?) Still want to add battle damage to one of them

1/35 Westwall bunker (3)

Mg schartenstand / single MG bunker

1/35 Westwall bunker (2)

Type C-4 MG-Stand mit Sechsschartenturm / Steel dome for two Mg34's