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February 4, 2020 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.9K

I finished building this model in March of 2012, then I took it to the next model meeting. One question came up and some guys wanted to know why I painted it "Pink?" I replied by saying: "I found a photo of the real jet on the web." Next came another comment. "With such an unusual color Rodney, you should provide the photo, especially if you are going to enter it in the next local IPMS/USA contest.!"

The model was easy to build with the option to lower the nose for a landing configuration or the in-flight model. I choose the latter, even tho it was always going to be placed on a table and/or in a box.

The "Pink" paint came from and nothing was added to the paint, however I overcoated the model with ordinary Future floor wax after the kit decals were on the model.

Recently I got on Google to see if I could fine a better photo of it wearing the pink paint but there was none. However someone posted a long story about the experimental bomber and how it crashed during one of its' sojourns above Planet Earth.

All I did was access Goggle and then click on image up in the top right hand corner of my monitor then type in XB-70 and up came lots of photos and the story. If you are interested, just go to Google...

P.S. It's dinner time here in California, so I'm off the computer until tomorrow at around 5-6am...

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  1. You did a great job in correcting the shape and inscribing the panels.
    Most likely the pink hue in the picture is due to the sun at dusk, in fact a highly reflective white paint was used for the two Valkyries, in order to radiate the heat generated from supersonic travel.
    Nevertheless, the pink color makes it an eye-catching what-if version!

    • Maybe you are right as the site also showed lot's of photos and the '70 was painted white all over. I am finishing reading the crash story, which is very interesting. It said that the "vortex air stream" sucked in one of the F-104 fighters and it struck the '70, which in turn caused the crash and lost of life.
      The plane cost 4 billion dollars.

      And thanks to all other comments!

  2. That is one interesting small giant!

  3. The pink color is easy to explain. This Valkyrie obviously belonged to Sue Parish!

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